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Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Twitter Edition

April 15th, 2014 by Danica Lopez De Leon

Last time we discussed the in’s and out’s and the importance of using social media to its full potential using Facebook. This week we move a long the large plethora of social media platforms to @Twitter where all the cool #trends seem to be!

Optimizing Social Media Platform #2: Twitter twitter-circle-logo.png

Twitter is widely used by many people to create followers. It is a phenomenal way to connect with your clients using 140 characters (or less) to give updates to your followers. Let us show you how to deepen your relationships below:

TWIT FEED.jpg.jpg

A) Tweeting

Posting a tweet can be effective in numerous ways. You can post a link or helpful article to help give tips to your followers on moving or staging a home for better sales or you can post about local news and charity events. Aside from showcasing your knowledge of your neighborhood and expertise in your field of real estate, these suggestions also imply a message that tells your followers that you care – about them, the community, and that you are a trustworthy individual.

stevens teamstwtr.jpg

B) Use Hashtags & Mentions

Tweets become seen by more than your followers on Twitter, but by people who are searching for what you’re saying using hashtags. Make sure you use your hashtags effectively. A great way to use them is to make it relative to your geographical region (i.e. #Vancouver) and also relative to your post (i.e. #movingout). Combine this feature with @mentions – a great relationship-building tool.  Mentioning people on Twitter is used not only to keep in contact with your clients but also to publicly congratulate those who go through you to buy or sell their homes.

HASHTAGS .jpg.jpg

C) Tweet your Listings

While keeping in mind the 80/20 rule, it is extremely important you don’t post your listings in a way that doesn’t demonstrate that you are thinking of your clients. Use it in a fashion that you are engaging your clients, telling related news, and marketing your home for sale. Include information on your place as well as images all intertwined into the single tweet. Furthermore, integrate contests to capture more attention just as you would with Facebook and get your tweets seen by not only your followers but their own too.


Twitter in Conjunction with Ubertor:

Your Ubertor website allows you to set up Twitter via the “MARKETING” tab, to have Twitter appear on your website!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.08.31 AM.png

Or have a Twitter icon on your website, linking to your Twitter page:

Don’t hesitate to contact us or chat with us if you are in any need of help to successfully utilize Twitter.

Stay tuned for our next lesson, “Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business”… Pinterest Edition!

10 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Extended Edition

April 8th, 2014 by Crystal Lai

As the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) official website provider, we see many great looking CREB sites day-in and day-out, and although it’s been done once already, all good things merit a second time so we’ve collected more to share in an extended version of 10 eye-catching CREB sites!

First up is Thomas Krause’s magnificent site. With the full extent of the widescreen banner showing awe-inspiring mountain slopes behind Thomas’ portrait, it really leaves all visitors in a state of wonder. Specializing in Canmore, CREB sure knows how to bring the beauty of the region to the forefront.


For Jimmy O’s site, they’ve decided to go with another style – fresh and modern, bringing in a specific crowd. The wooden theme is also a homey reminder of what this website is showcasing. Simple in nature, it gives the feeling that buying/selling a home can be just as easy too!


Another daring design is Jamie Ostby’s boxy site which somehow manages to make Real Estate seem fashionable. Her call-to-action buttons are also prominent on her site, encouraging visitors to stay and explore further. Bold and beautiful is the way to go!


CREB’s designs range from a wide variation – whether professional or hip, they know how to make a good blend. Take a look at Alex Kwong’s beige and blue themed site, which really brings out a unique ambience for a Realtor site. With an emphasis on blogs on his homepage, Alex is definitely setting himself apart as one that’s at the top of the trend.


As for Jamie Macoun’s site, CREB has taken care to retain a bit of Jamie’s history as a professional hockey player by using a portrait of him holding a hockey stick and also the tagline “Defending your interests”. It sure instills confidence that Jamie will bring just as much enthusiasm as a Realtor as when he was playing hockey in the big leagues. The black and red stylish theme is also sure to mark this as a top class site.


And to extend beyond five sites, CREB proves that with them, good-looking sites are a dime a dozen. Brad Pond’s site takes advantage of a full widescreen banner and the simplistic black and white shows Brad’s the man to get things done. The blue highlights and encouraging testimonials on his flash banner all serve to emphasize the best qualities.


While designing Lorraine Beale’s site, CREB decided to have a little fun with the layout and move some things around. With Lorraine’s portrait on the left and a boxy banner on the right, the overall effect is a unique site! CREB is also on top of its game regarding colour schemes, sticking with a white, grey, and red for Lorraine.


Jaison Thomas’ site creates a friendly inviting atmosphere through the use of soft blues and I like how the banner is framed in a way that’s almost like Jaison is inviting you to step into a home. Also, stay up to speed through Calgary Real Estate News and his Twitter feed right on the homepage.


Next is Trevor Ashcroft, with his tagline “Real Homes, Real Condos, Real Simple” perfectly sums up his site as well, which uses a simplistic but nevertheless still stylish design. It’s also important that the red arch of his logo carries a unifying theme across his site.


On Ivan Cilic’s site, big is bold. CREB can’t get any clearer than that. The juxtaposition of Ivan’s portrait and an interior home in the banner also displays the main emphasis effortlessly. What you see is what you get.


Well there you have it – 10 beautiful Ubertor Realtor websites designed and created by the CREB team.

If you’re a Calgary Realtor, be sure to give CREB Media Services a call and get a new site up and running for your Real Estate business.

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Chow Communications

March 27th, 2014 by Bryan Garcia

I would like to introduce Ubertor’s newest Approved Vendor – Chow Communications. After recently sitting down with Emily Chow, founder of Chow Communications, it was transparent her team was dedicated to helping small businesses, especially Realtors, maximize technology to improve or take their online presence to the next level. Her recent work with the Katronis Real Estate Team and The Bettina Reid Team showed Emily’s ability to provide quality work, and most importantly achieve results.

You’ll find a quick brief of Emily’s company below, and the services they offer to Ubertor users.

1. Who makes up the Chow Communications team? And what does everyone on the team do?


Emily is our project manager, business consultant, and marketing specialist. Emily specializes in helping small business owners turn casual web visitors into committed buyers through strategic online and traditional marketing tactics which include search engine optimization, content creation, graphic design, video marketing, social media, branding, logo design, and all the good stuff in between. Emily is an expert communicator and a sales aficionado with a knack for identifying areas of opportunity — and maximum profit for clients. When she isn’t coming up with lead conversion strategies for her clients, you’ll likely find Emily working out to P90X, spending time with her nephew and family, or planning her next big travel adventure.


Crystal is our graphic design maven who loves designing custom websites, creating compelling print materials, designing unique logos, whipping up stellar social media graphics, and helping you express your creativity in every element of your business. In her spare time, she enjoys making marinara sauce from scratch and going for long walks on the beach.


Gwen is one of our in-house content creators and has a special knack for creating search engine optimized blogs and social media content that’s engaging, share-able, and leaves people wanting more. When she isn’t creating content like a boss, you’ll find her reading the latest business reports on Forbes and taking her golden retriever Snoopy to the park.


Natalie is our web designer who loves taking raw ideas and transforming them into websites that not only look amazing, but also convert. Natalie is a proud mother of two who is dedicated to her children, her design craft, and making the most moist red velvet cupcakes this side of Canada.


Yeung is our in-house tech guru. In a nutshell, he fixes tech things that are broken, whips ornery laptops and presentation devices into shape, and keeps the office running smoothly. Yeung enjoys waxing poetic on gourmet food, playing basketball, and renovating his home to perfection.

2. What does the Chow Communications team do?

Whether it’s coming to the table with a content creation strategy to boost organic rankings online, designing a home page that CONVERTS casual web visitors into committed buyers, or creating a social media presence that your ideal customers absolutely love, our goals are really quite simple:

  1. To give frustrated business owners the tools they need to GAIN CLARITY in their company goals
  2. To help business owners RANK HIGHER with Google and major search engines
  3. To build our clients a powerful online presence that builds their brand equity and generates them leads

Our main priority at Chow Communications is to build communities and connect people with businesses and brands through comprehensive, innovative — and profitable — online and offline marketing solutions in the form of:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Page Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Google Analytics Consultations
  • Marketing Materials and Collateral Design
  • YouTube Video SEO

3. Why do you do what you do?

I constantly meet real estate teams and companies who have the potential to become even bigger and better and more successful with ever year that goes by. But, they all seem to get bogged down in the small details: web content creation, blogging, social media, and search engine optimization. They think they need to do it all on their own because they feel that “no one else can do it better than them.”

In essence, they become the biggest bottleneck in their own business, where very little gets done, stress levels increase because of the lack of productivity, and suddenly their growth gets stunted. My goal is to help them express their creativity in every area of their business and to assist them in automating the more tedious – yet highly important – content creation activities that not only hel them build their brand equity and boost their rankings online, but ALSO help them assert their authority for their real estate specialty. It’s very satisfying when we can help a real estate team reach their potential.

4. Where does the Chow Communications team see real estate and technology headed in the future?

We’re very exciting about how Google has essentially changed the game online with their most recent search algorithm updates. It’s no longer about who has the deepest pockets to purchase thousand dollar Adwords campaigns or buy artificial backlinks. Now, Google wants business owners to prove their relevance and show that they deserve to rank on page 1 for a specific real estate specialty.

How do you do this?

  • Creating Optimized Content: Writing engaging blogs that get shared, linked, and picked up by search engines.
  • Staying Connected: Creating a consistently active social media presence with ongoing updates.
  • Always Providing Value: Establishing an unshakeable foundation of relevant, interesting content that will keep you ahead of your competition no matter how much the online landscape changes.

This is what excites us because this is what we specialize in: Optimized content creation that gets results for our clients.

5. Are there any accomplishments your team is proud of and want to share with our readers?

We recently re-did the Team Katronis real estate website homepage to include a more user-friendly design:

  • Cleaner color palettes and integration
  • Layout structure for more effective search indexing
  • Calls-to-action to encourage casual website visitors to contact Jonathan and his team directly
  • Testimonials from reputable sources to aid in the “purchase” or decision-making process
  • Proud Supporters section to show that Team Katronis is dedicated to giving back to the community that has given them so much as well
  • Blog section to show consistent content creation to viewers and for the Google indexing processes
  • Google Analytics consultation to examine potential keyword, sales, and farm area opportunities

Keyword generation, Google Analytics consults, video SEO and on-page SEO was completed for The Bettina Reid Group. Video blogging was an important part of the client’s search engine optimization campaign and yielded and increase in likes, shares, and contact points for the client.

Our team is happy to welcome Chow Communications to the Ubertor family.

Please check out our full list of Approved Vendors and our other spotlights below:

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Gravytrain

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Limelight Marketing

Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Facebook Edition

March 26th, 2014 by Danica Lopez De Leon

When you think of social media, what comes to your mind? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or maybe Linkedin? Many of these social media websites probably sound familiar to you. But here is the real question:

Do you just play around with them or do you use it to put more money in your pocket and work smarter than your competition?

Many realtors, including you, are brilliant and spectacular at building long lasting relationships with your clients on a personal level, participating in your local community events, and connecting with your local market. In this article, we are going to show you how to leverage social media to think social online just as you do social offline.

Optimizing Social Media Platform #1: Facebook Facebook-Logo-Circle.png


Facebook is where people flock to go connect and stay in contact with their friends and family online. By tapping into this network, realtors can connect with friends and family of their own clients, creating trust and leveraging word of mouth marketing.

Where do you start?

Let’s break this down step by step:

A) Construct a Facebook Page

As simple as this sounds, it is often overlooked by many realtors. Creating your own Facebook page is crucial to separate a professional from an amateur or personal page. Furthermore, you will miss out on essential business features. One of these features include the ability to run Facebook contests (using a 3rd party application called Wishpond). From these contests, you’ll be able to acquire knowledge on what your fans like and dislike. For example, you can run a vote contest to ask your fans what photo they like best from your latest listing or run a photo contest to get more images of a new listing.

Facebook Insights is another great feature enabled by creating your own page which tracks information about your audience and how people are discovering your posts. Furthermore, your ads can be targeted specifically in your geographical region accessing people who you don’t know directly. Now if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!


B) Post About Your Neighborhood

Display your neighborhood listings and as a result you’ll not only be marketing prospective residents but also your own expertise and excitement for the area you sell homes. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule : keep an 80 percent focus on lifestyles and that which will interest the client and put a 20 percent focus on you and your products. Include events that are being hosted in your region to express the city culture. As an example, illustrate what is currently under development in your community and express how, as a result of these projects taking place, will better the lifestyle for current and future residents. Take things a step further to invite others to accompany you at  local events to create a deeper relationship and pose questions to spark engagement and interest.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.36.58 PM.png

 C) Use Images when you Update

The most engaging type of content on Facebook is images. This is pretty straight forward: the more likes, shares, and comments you get, the more people will  see it come up on their News Feed by the friends of your Facebook fans. Utilize images especially to show genuine care for your clients and potential clients. For example, a picture of new homebuyers holding keys in their hands to their newly owned property is a subtle way of thanking them and congratulating them on their purchase as well as showing others that you follow up and go the extra mile.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.39.36 PM.png

Facebook in Conjunction with Ubertor:

In your Ubertor website you are able to set up Facebook via the “MARKETING” tab to have them appear on your site. Simple as that!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.44.56 PM.png

Or have a Facebook icon on your website, linking to your Facebook page:

Feel free to contact us or chat with us if you are in any need of assistance on the How-to’s.

Stay tuned for next week’s “Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business”… Twitter Edition!

Ubertor Attends Zen U!

March 24th, 2014 by Crystal Lai

On Thursday March 20, 2014, two happy Ubertor team members went to attend their first class at Zen U: College of Customer Happiness. Offered by Zendesk as an opportunity for their users to learn more about their product, Ubertor sent Crystal Lai (UberCrystal) and Danica Lopez De Leon (UberDanica) in Vancouver, to absorb some ‘Zendesk knowledge’.

photo 1.JPG

Class is in session!

photo 2.JPG

First time Zen U students, Crystal Lai and Danica Lopez De Leon

For those of you who have tried to contact Ubertor’s support via email, you may be familiar with the ticketing system offered by Zendesk. Therefore, to continuously find better ways to support our users, our team had to get some advice from Zendesk in person :)

photo 3.JPG

Zen U name tags for Ubertor

photo 4.JPG

Zen U in Vancouver

All in all, it was a fun and knowledgeable day at class (especially with the fantastic food offered by Zendesk)! Our team can’t wait to attend the next Zen U course.

photo 1.JPG

Yummy food bar at Zen U

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Limelight Marketing Edition

March 20th, 2014 by Crystal Lai

This week we would like to focus in on the Limelight Marketing team. The Limelight Marketing team have helped many Ubertor sites rise to the top with second to none custom designs and first page rankings on the major search engines. We recently spotlighted their team here, so today we only found it fitting to highlight and showcase some of their work.

Ron Lapadat’s site is one of my personal favourites, with its earthy tones and mountain theme creating a soothing ambience – almost as if I’m right there surrounded by nature as well. The footer is also one of the most unique elements as that is a rare area to incorporate design. And of course, Ron is on the first page of Google for Smithers Real Estate.


Limelight’s influence is far-reaching as demonstrated by Kristen Meyer’s site for Seattle listings. The design is pleasing to the eye and the functionality is as user-friendly as it looks. The site is littered with colorful icons that pop and draw visitors’ attention to explore the site further. Take a look around and see for yourself!


Not only can Limelight build Realtor websites, but he’s also helped elevate niche websites to their fullest potential. Google “Simon Fraser Condos” and this is literally the first site that pops up. As per our previous blog post, finding a niche is essential for Realtors to dominate. Not only is Robert Crowe’s site specialized, it looks incredibly good and is a top ranking site.


Another perfect niche example. Join the “niche bandwagon” and get your niche site going like Rory Clipsham did. His niche site for Metrotown Condos is styled just like his main site, making his branding coherent and clear.

Of course, Limelight’s abilities aren’t limited to Real Estate by any means, as he’s also worked with other clients for non-Realtor websites. Check out this website of the Blue Plate catering company showcasing food. The design is just as modern and pleasing, making the food ten times more appetizing. It’s simple, easy to use, and straight to the point, as a website should be.


For a full picture of what the Limelight Marketing team are capable of, check out their portfolio of customized Ubertor websites.

Feel free to contact the Limelight Marketing team or any of our other very talented approved vendors to get some professional help on setting up a winning website!

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Gravytrain

March 11th, 2014 by Bryan Garcia

I’m happy and excited to introduce Ubertor’s newest Platinum Approved Vendor – Gravytrain. I had the opportunity to sit down with Gravytrain’s founder Erik MacKinnon to discuss the focus of their company, and where they see Real Estate and technology headed in 2014.

The details of our conversation are below…

1. Who is Gravytrain and what does your team do?

Gravytrain is a content development and marketing company based in Vancouver, BC. The company was initially founded as a lead generation shop in 2009, but we quickly discovered that our core competency was in producing the written content – webpages, blog posts, media releases, eBooks, and more – that helps our clients generate inbound visitor traffic and thus, new leads.

For the past two years we’ve been solely focused on one thing: building out our clients’ web properties by producing top-quality content at an affordable price.

2. What is “Content Marketing” and why is it important for Real Estate agents?

Content marketing is somewhat of a new term for a practice that has been in use for a very long time. Basically it just means creating and sharing some form of media with the goal of attracting new prospects and converting them into clients. For most Real Estate agents, their web properties are their most important piece of marketing collateral – yet many agents just put their website up and pray that visitors will find it. That mentality doesn’t work, and is akin to praying that bus bench ads will deliver that next great client.

At Gravytrain we believe that content marketing is the best way to target specific visitor demographics which will then land on your website where they can be converted into a lead and a future buyer or seller. All great agents know that it can take a handful or even dozens of “touch points” before a lead is ready to make a purchase or sell their house. Content marketing allows us to capture those individuals and get them onto an email list so they can be kept ‘warm’ and regularly reminded that when it’s time, they already have a top agent ready to serve them.

3. What is the Gravytrain team excited about in 2014?

Aside from working with Ubertor and your family of happy Real Estate clients? We have a ton on the go, including a full rebrand, a massive new website with a lot more in-depth information about content marketing, a recurring webinar series regarding Real Estate marketing, and more. 2014 is going to be one heck of a year.

4. Where do you see Real Estate and technology heading in the future?

We’re of the belief that things will continue to “go mobile”, and we’re always working to build on that trait to increase our value to our Real Estate clients. For example – why not develop an iPad magazine that profiles your new listings on a regular basis along with high-quality imagery and video walkthroughs? What about creating a local Instagram feed that highlights all of the great new homes that have come on the market in your area – even ones that are being worked on by other agents? Every day a new app or new method of spreading information pops up, and it’s great to tinker with these and to see how they can be used to build an agent’s personal / company brand.

5. Are there any accomplishments your team is proud of and want to share with our readers?

Thanks for asking. I’m not much for tooting our own horn but myself and Gravytrain were lucky enough to be awarded the 2013 British Columbia Student Entrepreneur of the Year. We’ve been profiled here and there in various media outlets but to be recognized for your work in that regard was very special.

If you’re looking for world class content for your Ubertor Real Estate website, do check out Erik and his team. You can find their details here.

As always, if you need a hand with anything, reach out to our talented Approved Vendors, or connect with our team.

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Versatility Edition

March 6th, 2014 by Crystal Lai

It’s been a while since we’ve done our 5 sites series, so I thought we’ll get back into it with one about the versatility of Ubertor sites. Obviously, through all our previous posts, we’ve already shown plenty of great looking sites on our platform, but this post will like to emphasize that having a wow site doesn’t necessarily mean fitting in with the pack. Our platform is open and versatile to many different looks!


Let’s take a look at Ruby Banga’s site for example – the saying “short and sweet” describes this web design perfectly. Who says Realtors’ site can only convey professionalism through dark and neutral colors? Ruby decides to have some fun and go with feminine pink accents to highlight her site and keep it warm and inviting. The homepage content is also minimized and sectioned so that not much scrolling is needed and everything is displayed immediately.


Or you can also choose to create a fancy landing page for your site like Erin Mulhern did! It’s an immediate attention-grabber with iconic images. She still manages to keep it classy even while using standard templates with a black background to eat up the space. Erin shows us that you don’t need to go all out to keep it unique.

If you’re not for the whole minimalist trend that’s all the fad right now, never fear. Harj Gill decides to keep his homepage a wealth of information. That’s right, you can also create web layouts that pertain to a different crowd, demonstrating the versatility of our websites. Everything you could possibly need has its own little section, whether it’s featured listings, property search, or quick links to useful pages on the site.


Carlee Morsund, on the other hand, goes all out minimalist. Her site emanates an elegance that can only be conveyed through the pure white and simplicity of her design. The two-paned banner and rounded top also somehow reminds me of the windows of a quaint little home.


Of course, versatility does not only pertain to looks on our sites, it also pertains to purpose and usage. With Silvia Dondera comes a beautiful site catered towards health and wellbeing instead of Real Estate. Our platform is by no means limited to only Realtors’ sites, as you can build a website for any purpose on our platform.


No matter what kind of website you want or need, you can get started on the Ubertor platform. Contact Ubertor’s Approved Vendors or our Live Help if you have any questions, or are looking for a second opinion on your current website.

Designing a Realtor Website that Resembles YOU

March 3rd, 2014 by Danica Lopez De Leon

Your Real Estate website needs to embrace the technology available today and create a truly value-based experience for your visitors. They have to leave feeling that you are a reputable partner that is trustworthy for the information and advice and has the capability to make the utmost superior decision when it comes to buying and selling their home.


Deciding on the array of colours that you can mix and match on your website play an extremely imperative part. Have you ever stopped to wonder why McDonalds uses yellow and red, or why Facebook unleashes the blue, or perhaps why Starbucks represents green? These colours were not picked by rolling a dice, they were selected based upon the emotion they emanate when a human being makes the initial stare and the subconscious mind begins to churn. Yellow is optimism giving warmth to the viewer, orange is friendly, vibrating cheerfulness, and red is excitement and speaks boldly.



“Colour plays a major role in mood associations that determine the way we feel about a product. Researchers have shown that up to 60% of a consumer’s first impression of a product comes from its colour” says Kathy Lamancusa a trend strategist and writer on

Whether the product be a small, one dollar and thirty-nine cent cheeseburger to huge extravagant mansions, which colours the product is presented by is always a key factor.


Undoubtedly Realtors will always represent their brokerage’s logo, however, personal branding is equally significant. You need to set yourself apart from the competition and avoid assimilation from the masses of Realtors out there with the same generic logos. You want to be identifiable. If you do not, what is the benefit of the prospect choosing you over another agent? So as well as uploading your Realtor logo, you should consider creating a unique design that shouts you… It should be as significant as an apple is to Macintosh. Your website is a direct reflection of yourself, your goals, and services.



As for the layout, deciding to be a minimalist, full packed with pictures, little text, or very informative should be dictated by who your audience is. You should have an idea of how you would like to present yourself as a Realtor (friendly, elegant, strong, mysterious) because the layout becomes the over all influence of your website. Uber Crystal shows great efficient and detailed examples in her post: Real Estate Websites 101: A Successful Homepage.


If colours are emotions, then the font is the voice. Although it can be easily neglected, deciding on the right font is crucial to a successful website. What is the feeling you want to convey? Strong? Fancy? Open? Fonts are emotional on a subliminal level because of the connotations it portrays. When deciding what typeface is applicable to your website and what it is you are marketing (Townhomes, Condos, etc.), it is important to remember: legibility is essential.



A designer’s perspective:

I took some time to speak to expert designers about some guidance they can give to Realtor’s to understand the designers a bit better as they create the design masterpiece that resembles the specific Realtor.

Particular factors stated in order to create an outstanding website are:

  • Colour: Colour scheme sets the mood of the website and also indicates the accents of the various options the client may select. Colours should also indicate what you are selling. Colours are vital.
  • Pictures: Exact images for their site (banner photo) or even an idea of one.
    Here are free stock photo sites that are available here.
  • Font: Extensive contemplating on which font they select because “Fonts have the potential to destroy the overall design and fonts should be easily read and should not be outdated because fonts reflect personality.”
  • Personal Logos: Distinguishable word mark to brand your own self, creating individuality. How do you represent yourself as a brand?
  • Layout: The layout of a website should not be overly cluttered. Important items on the front, other relevant information spread throughout.
  • Originality: It is great to be inspired by another website but MORE ORIGINALITY is appreciated by the designers because other designs are purely for inspiration, not plagiarism.
  • Focus on what you are selling.

Reach out to our talented Approved Vendors or contact our team for any questions. Leave yourself stress free, concentrating on being a Realtor while you leave it to an expert team to conjure up the perfect website balancing the representation of yourself, creating an emphasis on your product, and sincerely catering to your audience.

Real Estate Websites 101: A Successful Homepage

February 20th, 2014 by Crystal Lai

While tracking the process of building our clients’ Real Estate websites, I’ve noticed that some Realtors are still missing basic, key elements that makes home pages successful. Don’t worry though, I’ve gathered 6 points you can see below, that you should consider adding, when building your home page.

1. Name and Contact Info

It hardly seems fair to even include this on the list as it’s an absolute no-brainer. This is always displayed as prominently as possible as you are marketing yourself. But you’ll be surprised how many times, some Realtors forget to add their phone number or EMail on their homepage.

2. Calls to Action Buttons

Any marketing strategist will tell you that to create leads, you need calls to action. Get visitors clicking on something that interests them to take them to a contact form where they can leave their contact info, or allows them to call you on the spot – this is valuable for you to nurture them into a client.

3. Feature Listings

As a Realtor, what better way to grab your potential clients’ attention than to WOW them with spectacular listings you’re selling. It’s one way to get straight to the point, and also lets your current clients know you’re keeping their property up front and centre.

4. Photography

This is just a surefire way to make your websites aesthetically appealing and not a total bore with just text. If you’re a Realtor focusing on a specific area, add photos that reflect the area you’re marketing and selling in.

5. Testimonials/Awards

This is something you can showcase to emphasize how good you are at what you do – whether it be testimonials from your loving clients, or awards and recognition that you’ve achieved – it’s always nice to have a gold star on your wall.

6. Social Media Links

For the Realtors who are more social media savvy, put your social media links to show how exposed you are, and allow visitors to get connected to your profiles.

Some last minute tips from our experience is that as a general rule, we always try to feature what’s important on top. After all the first thing visitors see on websites is what’s above the fold. Another modern trend that’s popular right now is to keep it simplistic so that the relevant information and call to actions stand out more prominently! Keep it streamlined and avoid cluttered sites.

Feel free to contact our team or Ubertor’s Approved Vendors if you have any questions, or are looking for a second opinion on your home page to get it up to par!