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Crime Heat Maps

Written by Stephen Jagger

I was taking a peek at my brother’s blog tonight where he was talking about the Vancouver Police’s weekly crime maps and it reminded me of a post that I saw the other day on Joel Burslem’s Blog out of Portland where he was talking about the use of heat maps and how “any data set can be made visually sexier with a heatmap.”

The information that the Vancouver Police provides is quite interesting… they break down the crime stats for specific areas and by Residential B&E, Commercial B&E, Theft from Auto and Stolen Vehicles. Might be interesting information to provide to potential buyers. I wonder if all police departments do this?

One Response to “Crime Heat Maps”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    I would love it if the counties/City I serve offered online, accessible access to their crime stats. Sadly, one’s data is about two years out of date and another offers PDF’s of crime data …

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