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Internet Browser Usage Stats – Sept. 2006

Written by Stephen Jagger

An email conversation today brought up the topic of Internet browsers and how many people are using which browsers. As I have stated in the past, Firefox is gaining ground rapidly, but I figured I would take a moment today to show you the updated usage stats for browser usage. In order of most popular browser for September 2006 the results are:

Internet Explorer 6 – 55.6%
Firefox – 27.3%
Internet Explorer 5 – 4.0%
Internet Explorer 7 – 2.5%
Mozilla – 2.3%
Opera 7, 8 and 9 – 1.6%
Netscape 7 and 8 – 0.4%

Browsers that count for less than 0.5% are not listed.

Stats came from here

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