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Motivated Seller ? Handyman Special ? Good Value ? see what Bran Inman has to say

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Check out what Brad Inman has to say about terms used to sell your house in an interview with Fox News.

Arizona State University, Linköpings University in Sweden and Trinity College in Dublin did it… will your real estate business?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

gmailGoogle is expanding its empire into universities – with entire campus e-mail networks switching over to using Google’s e-mail service. Ubertor‘s company email address were switched to Google’s Gmail back in June of 2006 when we were invited to become part of the Gmail Hosted beta test. We love it!

- Arizona State University, with 65,000 students did it.
- Linköpings University, (Sweden) with 26,000 students did it.
- Trinity College, (Dublin) with 20,000 students did it.
(hat tip)

Have you thought about making the change? Maybe you should.

Interested in learning more? Check out the next Real Estate Meetup on July 9th 2007 as the topic is “Using Free Google Applications to enhance your business”.

Learn from two of Ubertor’s team members about the latest Google tools that are available to you and your business. Rodney and Derek will discuss how these tools can be used, how Ubertor uses them and their unique benefits. Want to learn more about Google tools? specifically:

- Google Docs (Word)
- Google Spreadsheets (Excel)
- Google Calendar
- Google Mail (Gmail)
- Google Talk

Learn why Google’s new suite of web applications can increase collaboration and productivity for you and your team!


Will the Apple iPhone help Realtors?

Monday, June 18th, 2007

The Apple iPhone is coming…. are you excited? are you planning on getting one?
Don’t know what the iPhone is all about? (most likely your in Canada and have not seen the commercials yet, so I posted some here)
For the rest, what do you think? Is it the best tool for Realtors yet?

Here is what a few real estate bloggers think about the iPhone: goes Canada wide

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

canada mappromo p
The is expanding quickly across Canada. Their homepage has changed to include a map of Canada that has listings from across the country. Plus, right now, they have a promotion on where you can have your listing on their site, including video production for the life of that listing for $55.00. If your outside of the of British Columbia and looking for some exposure of your listings for a great price with a media company that is pushing its way across the country, then now is the time to act. Check out the for more details.

I have even had the privilege of being on their FYI TV show:

Sneak Preview of Jack Nicklaus’ new golf course at Wyndansea in Ucluelet, BC

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

jackI was invited to preview the new Jack Nicklaus golf course at Wyndansea in Ucluelet, BC a few days ago. Today was the day that we went and it was a perfect day for the trip.

It was all first class! We started by meeting at the West Coast Air float plane terminal in downtown Vancouver to catch our chartered flight to Ucluelet. It was a quick 50 minute flight buzzing just above the British Columbia coastline. Upon arriving in Ucluelet we did a few circles above Wyndansea to get a bird’s eye view of the golf course construction and the coastline that is sits on, then landed in “downtown” Ucluelet. We were greeted by 2 SUV’s (both flex-fuel ethanol vehicles) sitting on the government wharf to take us to the development.

We arrived at the Wyndansea Oceanfront Golf Resort to be greeted by more S&P Destination’s staffers and some Champagne. We then proceeded on a walking tour of the only hole that is ready for some practice shots across the rocky beach to the 15th hole. We were then toured around the entire development so that we could see the 30 lots that are available (actually only 29 as Jack Nicklaus has already bought one), the golf practice facility, the clubhouse and helicopter landing pad location as well as the future site of the Pan Pacific Hotel.

We proceeded back to the 15th hole for an unbelievable lunch. It was prepared by the chef from a restaurant that the development land owner, Elke Loof-Koehler, owns in Ucluelet. The food was outstanding and it was beautiful to sit eating a masterful meal with a picture perfect view of the Pacific Ocean.

After lunch, we went back to the 15th hole for a closest to the pin contest, which I lost and Calvin Lindberg dominated and then walked back to the vehicles for our ride back to the plane.

All in all, a great trip, a soon to be outstanding oceanfront resort and the future home for 30 lucky individuals.

Are you interested in learning more about this project? Here are some links that might help you out:
Wyndansea, Oceanfront Golf Resort –
S&P Properties –
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Canada – Media Coverage –
More Pictures from our tour – Pictures

Or, speak with Chris Cooper the Property Associate of Wyndansea for S&P Properties. He can be reached at ccooper [at] or at 604-909-2144.

float plane
Our West Coast Air float plane sitting in the Ucluelet Inlet

group shot
L – R: Paul Fedusiak, Calvin Lindberg, Dale Bosa, Alex Lando, Stephen Jagger, Daryl Simpson and Ian Watt

the pacific
The future site of the Pan Pacific at Wyndansea in Ucluelet, BC

Our rides with the lunch tent in the background all sitting on one of the soon to be fairways

View from the plane of the future development

steve and alex
L – R: Stephen Jagger, Megan and Alex Lando at the 15th tee

Completely Customize your Ubertor Realtor Website

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have unlocked the CSS for the Ubertor website software. That means that with a CSS programmer you can do almost anything that you want to do to your Ubertor website. Have a look at what CSS programmer John Lowe from has done to Calgary’s Vaughan Mealey’s website.
css program

If your interested in doing some custom CSS work to your website, feel free to contact John Lowe or an Ubertor client service team member for a list of a few CSS programmers.

Open House Feedback

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

This past weekend I attended quite a few open houses with a couple of friends. I took a few notes and decided to post them here. Here they are in rough draft… just my thoughts on what I saw. Some good, some bad, but thought that it might help agents that are setting up open houses.

* disclaimer: many of the agents were Ubertor clients so their open houses are not included in this feedback as it is a little different when you know the person walking around*

- We got our list of open houses by doing address searches on an agents website, from and

- The first open house we went to that was to start at 12:00 actually started at 12:10.

- I saw open house signs out front of the condo with just Sutton’s name on them. No agent name, no phone number. At the door of the building, no feature sheet, no buzzer number – nothing. We waited for about 10 minutes, then left as nobody showed up.

- At the front door of the condo there was the feature sheet with a cell phone number to call to get the agent to come down. What if you did not have a cell phone with you? how would you reach the agent to gain access to the building?

- Only 1 agents made an effort to shake hands, introduce himself and give us all a business card.

- Call backs? The people I was with have 5 or 6 calls into agents that never returned the calls. If it is sold, let people know.

- It was a super hot day. The sun was out and lots of these condos were really hot. Why not serve lemon aid at your open house? or Popsicles? or even better branded bottles of water with your name and contact info on it?

- Talk about other listings in the area that are similar to their open house. We are comparing them anyways, the agent might as well discuss them and talk about the pros and cons.

- No one asked what we were looking for, or interested in. They just answered our questions and showed us around the condo.

- What about offering little “booties” that people can put over top of their shoes instead of taking them off? (not that they would fit my shoes)

Not sure if that helps… but just some feedback.

Real Estate Meetup Summary – “going paperless in real estate 2.0″

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Last nights Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup was a huge success. Not only did we have a great speaker but we made a change and combined the Vancouver Young Professionals Meetup with the event. It was a great networking event for agents, brokers and young professionals from all over the Lower Mainland.

Our speaker, Ron Usher of Bell Alliance spoke about going paperless in the real estate world and what his Law Firm / Notary has done to achieve their paperless goals. Be sure to check out our next event, normally the first Monday of the month but has been moved to the second due to the July 1st holiday. Details here.

Here are a few pictures from the event last night at Ceilis Irish Pub:
Videographer from Bell Alliance documenting the event

full houseq
Full house at Ceili’s Irish Pub

Adil Shivji, Ian Watt, Mike Kennedy, Michael Barker-Fyfe

Michael Stephenson, Ron Usher, Ronan Reinart, Khushhal Bains and Steve Jagger (L – R)

Colin Perry, Kristen Pranzl, Jordan Behan, Erin Pranzl, Stephen Jagger and Nigel (L – R)

27 Photos Here