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Ubertor on TechCrunch.com

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 22, 2008 3:57:06 PM / by Stephen Jagger

The power of video is awesome. TechCrunch.com, the hugely popular tech blog wrote a post the other day asking for 60 second (video) elevator pitches without using product demos or screenshots. The post was taken off of TechCrunch quite quickly but I emailed in the quick video that I made anyways.

Duncan Riley, the author of the post and the one who suggested people send in videos decided to write a different post about startups using video to promote themselves, and I'm assuming because I got my video into him so quickly he included me. (actually, no idea how he picked, but I'm quite happy that mine was included)

TechCrunch.com has 6 to 8 million visitors per month to their website so this exposure is outstanding. Thanks to Duncan for including me.

Here is the video I submitted:

The beauty about it being video is that it is my message. Not a reworded version or a polished version, it is my words, my version which can't be adjusted. The really great thing about the use of video to promote your product or service, especially in the Web 2.0 world, is that it is very viral. That post on TechCrunch.com has triggered other bloggers, especially the ones in the real estate community to post on their blogs about Ubertor being written about on TechCrunch, which in turn exposes us to their readers.

Here are a couple of examples:
- Uber-Real Estate Blogger Dustin Luther kindly mentioned and embedded the video in his blog
- TechVibes, Canada's version of TechCrunch also mentioned and embedded the video in their blog

This video took me a couple of takes and then was loaded onto YouTube. Maybe all in all it took me 1 hour. The exposure is massive and the costs is minimal.

Is there something like this that you could do to promote your real estate business?

(Testing Google Ads Below)

Video Transcription:
Hi. My name is Steve Jagger and I'm the co-founder of Ubertor. Ubertor is a website software program that allows realtors to build and maintain their websites. You can go to ubertor.com and set up a website yourself that takes about 90 seconds for the process to happen. And from there, you can manage, manipulate your own website. It's really easy to punch your own domain name, add pages to lead pages, change the page names, add listings, add photos, virtual tours, the system automatically creates the slideshow of your photos for your listing. Couple of neat features the system has built to follow google's webmaster guidelines so that the website's complying with the big search engines in the world is looking for from a website. Plus, one of the neat features is that it's built in CSS but we've unlocked the CSS so that any CSS designer or programmer can get in there and manipulate any of our websites. So it's a templated system for agents who just wanna get a website up and running but the one's who wanna go for a completely customed look can do that as well but you know having any web designer that has CSS skills, go ahead and manipulate the system themselves. So, that's what we do. We power sites from all over North America. We've been doing it for a few years and thanks for watching this video.

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Stephen Jagger

Written by Stephen Jagger

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