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Guest Post: Video Blogging

Written by Stephen Jagger

Editor’s note: Kelley Skar has been a REALTOR® in Calgary, Alberta for the past three years and has recently implemented social networking as a major part of his business plan. Kelley started out like any other REALTOR® knocking on doors, doing mail outs & open houses, advertising in print newsletters, etc. He is now doing 100% of his marketing online, including self promotion, and now has a solid internet marketing plan for all of his listings. Kelley incorporated a daily video blog series titled The Calgary Real Estate Connection into his plan 2 months ago to not only provide good solid information, but more importantly, to build relationships between potential clients/customers and himself.

5 Responses to “Guest Post: Video Blogging”

  1. Linda Aaron says:

    Well said Kelley, many of our brokers are starting to use video and understanding how powerful it can be.

  2. Kelley, this is a FANTASTIC video.. my first viewing of your work – will be definitely checking out more!

  3. Kelley says:

    Thank you so much ladies! I appreciate the feedback I have been getting on this, and thanks also to Stephen for asking me to post this!

  4. Kim Jones says:

    Liked it Kelley you did great. Thanks so much. I think some customers would prefer Video Blogging to the written word. I have noticed on several videos including yours. The transcription is sketchy and inaccurate, even have embarrassing words that pop up. I do not know if I would want the transcription on?

  5. Hi Kelley. Thanks much. Interesting timing. We are about to launch our new ubertor site. Did a few video blogs a few months back but are now gearing up for quantity and consistency. We are using a sony cybershot. Who did your intro?

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