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Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Unico Print + Media

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 13, 2015 8:25:52 PM / by Bryan Garcia

Photos, virtual tours, and floor plans are an essential part of the Real Estate industry. Potential new homes are advertised daily via online marketing.  But let's not forget the vital role that print media still plays on business growth — business cards, brochures and flyers just to name a few.  There are too many channels, and realistically, agents just don't have the time to do everything on their own!  So, wouldn't it be nice to have a "one-stop shop" to take care of all of your marketing needs?

Ubertor is excited to introduce its newest Platinum Approved Vendor — Unico Print + Media!

Unico Print + Media uses top quality camera equipment, produces premium print products, and has passionate artists to provide excellence at every level.

We asked our new vendor, how they could best help  Ubertor users. Here's a look at what they had to say:


1.  Who makes up the Unico Print + Media team?

  • Unico Print

First we consult with our clients, then we help with the design phase furthering them to then print in our print shop. Our team consists of a front desk person, a graphics designer, a pressman and post press craftsman.

  • Unico Media

The team at Unico Media is made up of some pretty amazing people.

Gordon - There is no obstacle too big for this man, he solves any problem that comes his way helping the whole team to succeed. He manages the office for both the Print and Media sections.

Nick - With his love for finding new ways to make life better for everyone Nick is the reason Unico Media keeps growing smoothly. On top of that, he is an incredibly talented editor, photographer and a massive lover of 5 cent candy.

Celine - Someone needs to keep track of the systems we have in place. Celine looks after the books, keeping everything and everyone sorted out so no mistakes are made.

Eric - The voice, the communicator, the man. Eric is likely the person you talk to when calling Unico, he is the person keeping everyone in the loop with what is happening at all times. He makes sure that the customer is filled in on all the information that they need and keeps all of us at the office in the loop with what is needed.

Trevor - The media composer! Trevor has an ability to bring a place almost to life with photography or video, He doesn't just shoot photos, he finds the feel and atmosphere of each home and instills that mood into the media he delivers

2.  What does Unico Print + Media do?

  • Unico Print

Unico Print Media is a unique print shop which processes more than just your usual business card stationery orders. We feature print productions from offset, digital print mix with letter press and a wide format process. With spot UV, foiling, embossing, die cutting and many more features to choose from. If you have an idea of what you want printed we have the skills and equipment to make it happen.

  • Unico Media

We find a way to make really great first impressions. We believe that nowadays the first time people get to see a potential new home that it's almost always through photos online. We want that first impression to be a hit and with our process in photo editing or through our cinematic tour of the home or our drone fly-over shoots, which are truly astonishing, every home can be someone's dream home.

3.  Please explain your process when shooting a property.

Shooting a property is a lot more than showing up with a "nice" camera. I have a process. Every photo is shot with the thought of how it's going to be edited later. I start by making sure when I get to a place I do a thorough walk through to get a feel for the place and make sure that everything is looking just right. After that's done I start taking photos, each image is captured by taking several photos of different exposure to give me latitude when I'm editing to blend the details in a way that I can control the light throughout each image. With that control I'm now able to create the mood that brings each image to life so that it stands out in a vibrant and stunning way.

4.  Who is your ideal client?

Clients with ideas, and people who realize the vast importance of advertising to their business growth.

5.  What accomplishments is your team most proud of and would like to share with our readers?

  • Unico Print

Unico Print has introduced a media division, Unico Media, which is a perfect partnership for any real estate agent needing their media printed. The professionalism of this division has lead to many new clients and relationships.

  • Unico Media

We have added aerial photo & video to our line-up which gives us the ability to show off exquisite features in a completely different way , whether it's a massive yard or an ocean view, revealing these features with a sweeping shot from the sky is quite stunning.

6.   Why do you do what you do?

When you love making things look great and you love making people's lives easier. We are extremely proud media experts and we strive to be amazing at every shoot because passionless art isn't inspiring, our passion shows in our work from booking to delivery.

7.  What is the Unico Print + Media team excited about in 2015/2016?

  • Unico Print

With more machinery within our facility, we can now produce small quantity premium print products which are tailored specifically for each client.

  • Unico Media

We are excited about using our new multi-service scheduler, clients will be able to conveniently book photos, videos, printing, floor plans, staging, and many other options for marketing a property.

8.  Where do you see Real Estate and technology heading in the future?

  • Unico Print

Speed and efficiency of information flow is the key in this market, being able to deliver on time and having a 24 hour ordering system. Having a mix of high quality automation alongside a fantastic team of professional people for support will be the future.

  • Unico Media

Technology keeps things happening at a very quick pace and I think that will keep improving. Being able to have all avenues of marketing for your property will keep being easier and quicker to access. I also think that we are becoming more interactive online which keeps giving the consumer a more accurate connection to their possible future home before ever seeing it in person.


Please see below for samples of their work.


The team is very happy to welcome Unico Print +  Media to the Ubertor family!

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Bryan Garcia

Written by Bryan Garcia

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