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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

How to Easily Customize a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Business Page (For Free) + video demo

The Ultimate Guide to Your Optimized Realtor Facebook Business Page

Create Beautiful Custom Real Estate Flyers for Your Listings... for FREE!

Boost Your Real Estate Listings on Facebook & Attract More Qualified Buyers and Sellers

Easily Post Real Estate Listings to Craigslist in Under 5 Minutes [+ video demo]

How to Evaluate Your Real Estate Niche Website’s Success (Step 10 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Neighbourhood Website)

Why Your Real Estate Website Needs to be Fed Regularly (Step 9 of 10 - How to create a Niche Website)

Help Search Engines - and Clients! - Find Your Website by using Google Sitemaps (Step 8 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Farm Area Website)

How to Optimize Your Farm-Area Website so that it Tops Search Rankings (Step 7 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Niche Website)

How to Track Website Visitors on Your Niche Website (Step 6 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Farm Area Website)

How to Pick Photos for your Real Estate Website Without Wasting Time Down the Internet Rabbit Hole (Step 5e of 10 - How to create a Farm Area Website)

How to make a great impression and get the right leads, using the "For Sellers" Page. (Step 5d of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Neighbourhood Website)

How to Build Rapport with your website visitors on the “For Buyers” page (Step 5c of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Niche Website)

The Realtor “About Me” Page: How to Introduce Yourself on Your Website (Step 5b of 10 - How to create a Farm Area Website)

Realtors: How to Make Your Home Page Inviting (Step 5a of 10 - How to create a Farm Area Website)

Realtors - Increase Your Website’s Reach and Rank with a Better Domain Name (Step 4 of 10 - How to create a Farm Area Website)

Why Your Website Needs an Automatic Data Feed of New Listings (Step 3 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Niche Website)

How to Choose a Website Topic and Win the Internet (Step 2 of 10 - How to create a Farm Area Website)

Websites Serve Better When They Serve Less (Step 1 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Neighbourhood Website)

10 Steps to Leap to the Top of Google’s Search Results. Within a month.

Introducing Ubertor's VP of Client Development: Ian Watt & Head of Marketing: Dara Sklar!

Solid Advice: Every Realtor Needs a Second Website

Support, Training, Guidance - Ubertor specialists on hand

Real Estate Technology and Marketing Meetups

August 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Latest this week on Real Estate Site Showcase

Ubertor Realtor Websites have Features Galore! Here they all are...

NEW Feature: Simplified Community Search

Over a decade of testimonials - Realtors give thumbs up for Ubertor

July 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: July 2016

How to Set up Google Sitemaps on your Ubertor Website

How to Set up Google Analytics (stats tracking) on your Ubertor Website

June 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: June 2016

Introducing Our Newest Platinum Approved Vendor: Web Mainland!

A Partnership for the Books: Ubertor & Top Producer

May 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

This Week on Real Estate Site Showcase

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: May 2016

#SoldOnUbertor: Luxury Real Estate

New this Week: Real Estate Site Showcase

April 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: April 2016

NEW Feature: Simplified Community Search

NEW FREE Luxury Responsive Template!

NEW FEATURE: Introducing Zombie Pages!

March 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: March 2016

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Point Two Design

Top Properties Sold by BC Realtors: #SoldOnUbertor

Writing an Effective Value Proposition for Real Estate

February 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV, VREB, CREB & TREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines for February 2016

When it Rains it Pours: Top Properties #SoldOnUbertor

January 2016 Market Report Infographics: REBGV. VREB, CREB & TREB

JOIN US: The Real Estate Technology Meetup, February 11, 2016

Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines for January 2016

#SoldOnUbertor: Starting the Year Off with a Bang!

Check Out CREB's New Portfolio Website

December 2015 Market Report Infographics: REBGV VREB CREB and TREB!

Approved Vendor – Unico Print + Media - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Two Column Marketing - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Realty Support - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Limelight Marketing - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Draft On Site - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – No Shortcuts Design - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor - Chow Communications - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Web Mainland - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – Port80 Web Design - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor – KuniDesign - Ubertor Real Estate Websites

Approved Vendor List

What Holiday Slump? Stay Productive Over the Holidays

November 2015 Market Report Infographics: REBGV VREB CREB and TREB!

Top 5 Local Real Estate Stories: November

About Our IDX Search. Now Live on Ubertor.com

Productivity at Work: Debunking Multitasking

#SoldOnÜbertor: Who had the biggest hustle?

Bilingual Real Estate Website for the Contemporary Agent

Get Your Team Site with Übertor

If You're Not Blogging, You Should Start.

October 2015 Market Report Infographics: REBGV VREB CREB

Top 5 Local Real Estate Stories of the Month

Hear-Hear to these great sales! #SoldOnUbertor

Notice Anything Different About Your Übertor Dashboard?

Top 6 Website Design Trends to Watch For!

Restructure Your Site to Attract New Markets: Morning Yu's Bilingual Real Estate Website

#SoldOnUbertor: Here are last week's top sellers!

11 Reasons Why You'll Love Our NEW Feature: IDX Map Search!

September 2015 Market Report Infographics: REBGV VREB CREB

August 2015 Market Report Infographics: REBGV VREB CREB

Welcome to the Family, RealPageMaker and ClickSold

NEW FEATURE! Multiple Views For Your Properties

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Unico Print + Media

REBGV VREB CREB July 2015 Market Report Infographics

NEW FEATURE: Optimize Listings with HD Photography, Floorplans and more!

RECAP: HomeLand Realty's Summer BBQ!

WEBINAR: How to Generate More Traffic to Your Website with Ubertor Search Ads!

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Draft on Site Services Inc.

#SoldOnUbertor - Properties Sold by Realtors Who Choose Ubertor

INFOGRAPHIC: CREB® Provides 10 Social Media Tips for Real Estate

#SoldOnUbertor - Properties Sold By Realtors Who Choose Ubertor

INFOGRAPHIC: CREB® Explains Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and its Benefits

Tri City Realtor, Don Butt, Creates an Elegant and Modern Real Estate Website on the Ubertor Platform

INFOGRAPHIC: CREB® Explains the Value of Responsive Websites

CREB Continues To Design and Build Beautiful Custom Real Estate Websites on the Ubertor Platform

Realtor Spotlight: Cloverdale Realtor, Bettina Reid on Balancing Life and Real Estate

North and West Vancouver Realtor, Stu Bell, Chooses Limelight Marketing and Ubertor for his Custom Real Estate Website

Build Your Own Lead Generating 'Custom Forms' with Ubertor

Vancouver & Kelowna Realtor, David S. Green, Joins the Ubertor Family with a Fully Customized Real Estate Website

Responsive Real Estate Websites by Ubertor

Edmonton Condo Specialist, Jakie Ng, Receives a 'Limelight Makeover'!

Vancouver Realtor, Steve Shields, Redesigns his Ubertor Real Estate Website with the Focus of Keeping things 'Modern' and 'Elegant'

Realtor Spotlight: Kevin Chen, A New Generation of Realtor

Recap: Ubertor Attends CREB Forecast 2015 (#CREB15)

Find Ubertor's Approved Vendors Easily Within Your Control Panel

Ubertor's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

REBGV CREB & VREB November 2014 Market Update Infographics

Ubertor & Dynamic Creative take Online Advertising to the Next Level!

Let it Snow! Add a Little Christmas Spirit to your Ubertor Website

Realtor Spotlight: Shaun Kimmins 'The Coal Harbour Realtor'

REBGV CREB & VREB October 2014 Market Update Infographics

Realtor Spotlight: Downtown Vancouver Condo Specialist, Ian Watt

The Most Basic yet Scariest and Teeth-Clenching Mistakes to Make on Your Real Estate Website

The Top 6 FAQs Ubertor Faces in Live Help

REBGV CREB & VREB September 2014 Market Update Infographics

Custom Real Estate Websites by The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) on the Ubertor Platform

Organize Your Listings in Multiple Categories

Create Your Own "Automatic Listings Page" with Ubertor's New AFC Builder

REBGV CREB & VREB August 2014 Market Update Infographics

Single Property Real Estate Websites

Show Everyone You're the Expert with a Dedicated Condo Building Website

REBGV CREB & VREB July 2014 Market Update Infographics

How to Power Market Your Feature Properties Like a Pro

Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) Market Update: June 2014

Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Market Update: June 2014

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Banners as the Centerpiece

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) June 2014 Market Update

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Boxy and Foxy

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) May 2014 Market Update

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Bilingual Edition

How Technology is Changing How We Rent, Buy, and Sell Real Estate... and How Ubertor Can Help

Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: LinkedIn Edition

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: MOBILE Edition

Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Pinterest Edition

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Full Design Edition

Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Twitter Edition

10 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Extended Edition

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Chow Communications

Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Facebook Edition

Ubertor Attends Zen U!

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Limelight Marketing Edition

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Gravytrain

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Versatility Edition

Designing a Realtor Website that Resembles YOU

Real Estate Websites 101: A Successful Homepage

Introducing Ubertor’s Newest Team Member: Danica Lopez De Leon

Colin Perry of Two Column Marketing Voted 'Best in Design Photography' by Houzz Community

Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Limelight Marketing

Recap: Ubertor Attends CREB Forecast 2014

Staying Productive During the Holidays: The "Realtor" Edition

5 Ubertor Sites We're Enjoying: 'Clean Cut' Edition

Ubertor Sponsors and Attends the 2013 REBGV North Shore Division Christmas Luncheon

Let is Snow! Add a Little Christmas Spirit to your Ubertor Website

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: 'Top Heavy' Ubertor Sites

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Which Type of Realtor Are You?

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Edition

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Online Audience Optimization (OAO) for Realtors

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: The "Niche" Edition (Part 2)

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Real Estate SEO

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Benefits of an Ubertor Niche Website

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: The "Niche" Edition

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Which Home Is Right For You?

Owning a Niche in the Real Estate Pond

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Vancouver vs Toronto. Which is costlier? (HINT: You'll be surprised)

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: The Widescreen Edition

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Weird Real Estate Facts

5 Ubertor Sites We're Enjoying: The Dark Edition

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: 6 Rules to Purchasing your Dream Home

Create Professional Voiceovers for your Listings with Voiceover Toolbox and Ubertor

5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: 7 Myths About Selling Your Home

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: 5 Marketing Tips you Can't Afford to Ignore

5 Ubertor Sites We're Enjoying

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: 10 Easy Ways to Prep a home for Sale.

Battle of the Views: Which Area in Metro Vancouver Has the Best View?

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: 8 Simple Rules...For a Sucessful Open House

Listing Photos 101: Everything to Avoid

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Characteristics of First-Time Home Buyers in Canada and U.S.

Introducing Ubertor's Newest Team Member: Crystal Lai

The Marketing Guy (and team) are now an Ubertor Platinum Approved Vendor

TGIF Weekend Digest with Ubertor: Online Marketing and Social Media

Ubertor will now automatically crop your images to fit just right

Top 10 SEO Tips For Ubertor Websites

A Lesson In Real Estate Photography with Carsten Arnold of Total 360 Photography

Ubertor's Site of the Week: Oakville's Sotheby's International Realty

Optimizing Your New Listings For Better Search Results using Ubertor

Introducing Ubertor's Guest Blogger Mike Blaney 'The Marketing Guy'

Ubertor's Site of the Week: Vancouver Realtor, Manyee Lui

UberBryan Lands in Manila

Ubertor's Site of the Week: Vancouver Island Realtor, Edie McPhedran

Ubertor's Site of the Week: Vancouver Realtor, Greg Carros

Ubertor Is Now Connected with the Whistler Listing System (WLS)

CREA's "Look It Up" Television Commercial

UberKhaled Sits Down with Whistler Realtor Sharon Audley to Talk Website Strategy

Ubertor's Newest Approved Vendor - Blacksheep Marketing Group

Introducing Ubertor's Newest Team Member: Khaled Elabd

Friendly Reminder That PST is Back in B.C. April 1, 2013

Ubertor's New "Pin Point" Map Search

5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Ubertor Website

What Is Your Net Promoter Score?

Congratulations to Dave Burch: Whistler's Top Realtor Under 40

What Do You Expect From Online Support?

New Feature: Preview Your Page before Publishing

Top 5 Reasons People All Over the World Call Whistler "Home"

Vancouver, B.C. Rated Number 1 Most "Walkable" City

Ubertor Attends the 2013 CREB Forecast Conference & Tradeshow

Ubertor Pantry Ready and Stocked for 2013!

Casting Call for NEW Property Brothers show "Buying & Selling" in Greater Vancouver

Add a Little Christmas Spirit to your Website

"Pin" Your Listings using Ubertor!

Ubertor Sponsors and Attends the 2012 RSDGI Christmas Luncheon

Meet Ubertor's Manila Team!

Delete Multiple Property Images in One Shot!

You Can Now Add an External RSS Feed to your Widgets

The Advisor Websites Team Stop By for a Tour of Ubertor's Whistler Office!

Whistler Realtors Laurie Vance and Dave Burch Stop By for a Visit

The Top 5 Ski Mountains in North America

Ubertor Visits the Mountain Equipment Co-Op Headquarters in Vancouver, B.C.

Ubertor and Whistler Realtors Enjoy a Dinner at Quattros

The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Whistler

We're Experiencing Downtime

Whistler Realtors Janet Brown and Nick Swinburne Stop by Ubertor's Whistler Office

Ubertor is Stocking Up for Winter

What Apps do you use when buying Real Estate?

Ubertor is in Whistler, B.C.!

Zillow's First Commercial

Ubertor's Mobile Help Desk

Active and Sold Status Filters Now Ready to Use for Feature Listings

How likely is it that you would recommend Ubertor to a friend or colleague?

What Everyone Ought To Know About Renting

What are the Top Agents doing in this digital era?

Check Out Ubertor's Search Widget!

New Ubertor Site Design by Top Vancouver Realtor Manyee Lui

Why Blogging Matters by Gary Chambers

What Do You Think? "re:THINK Housing Vancouver"

Vivid Mortgage Rolls Out New Design on Ubertor

Neighbour's Restaurant Featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here!'

Ellen Pokes Fun At Realtor Ads (2 Are Canadians)

MAC Golden Cube Awards Gala

"Never Tell Me the Odds"

From The Twitterverse re: Ubertor

Custom For Sale Signs

Coldwell Banker: The Value of a Home

Add A Currency Converter To Your Website

Post Your Listings To Facebook Using Ubertor

Mike Blaney - Ubertor Approved Vendor

Get A Team Of Virtual Assistants For $500/month (50 Hours)

Google+ Added To Ubertor

Martell Home Builders & Martell Realty - Offer Guaranteed Sale

12 Creative Business Cards

How BuildDirect Revolutionized The Building Sector In A Down Market

Tourism Vancouver Launched World’s First Professionally Produced Destination Film - It's You... Vancouver

Agent Short Hand Description

Century 21 Steps Back Into TV Ads @ Superbowl (Videos)

Update: Reachd Internet Marketing & Social Media Classes in Vancouver, BC

Fred Glick's Rebuttal To Listing Syndication Video

Note: Changes To The Light Plan

ARG Abbott Realty Group Broker Pulls Listing Syndication

Do You Use An Apple or PC?

Ubertor Extreme Design (XD)

Recap: CREB Forecast Conference; Calgary AB

Tom Everitt Runs For Geographical Division of Vancouver Westside

CREB Forecast Convention and Trade Show 2012

Calgary Condo Pros Update

New Ubertor Site: Owen Bigland

January 18th and 19th - 2 Day Online Marketing Training (in person)

Clarity.fm - Get Advice For Your Real Estate Business From Top Entrepreneurs

Piers Morgan Tonight - Gary Vaynerchuk

Update Your Website For The Christmas Season

Showcase Properties via Google Maps

Branding For Realtors With Andrea Shillington

Embed This Tweet Feature From Twitter

Building Your Brand

Ubertor's Newest Platinum Approved Vendor: SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography

The Rules of Engagement in Sales and Marketing

AirBnB - A Great Way For Your Clients To Bring In Revenue

Real Estate Agent Video

Updated Feature: Custom Feature Sheet Disclaimer

Huge Listing Photos

Realty Watch 2011 (video)

Rentals On Ubertor Websites

Dinner With Tim Smith, CEO of Inman News

Learn to Grow Your Business through Online Marketing

Redfin Raises Another $14.8 Million

Jameson House Fully Automated Parking (VIDEO)

Robert Scoble Chats With Zillow's CEO Spencer Rascoff (video)

Ubertor is in the Philippines!

Royal LePage Headstart 2011 - Harrison Hot Springs

Recap: Social Media Week - Real Estate Summit

Ellen: "The Funniest Real Estate Listings"

"Zoocasa Must Pay Damages To Agents" via Vancouver Sun

Social Media Week - The Real Estate Summit - Sept. 22nd 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk at RE/MAX Hallmark's 30th Anniversary (video)

Calgary CIR Realtor Stacy Miller Launches Ubertor Website

Paperless Pipeline Founder Interview

Shopping For Property via Jet Ski?

Scott Stratten On Realtors

New Feature: "Where I Sell Real Estate"

Social Media Revolution 2011 (video)

QR Codes Come To Ubertor Feature Sheets

Brokerage Profile: MacDonald Realty Group

Ubertor Testimonial from Joey Marshall for Uber Tin!

(Amazing) Every Minute on The Internet Here's What Happens:

Connect With Ubertor On Facebook

Gary Chambers, aka @TractorView, Talks Social Media & Real Estate Sales

Social Sharing Now Available In Your Video Player Within Ubertor

New Website: Mary Roy From Whitby, Ontario Launches With Ubertor

FREE Web Design Skin From CREB

Need Some Inspiration?

Recap: Inman Real Estate Connect 2011 ~ San Francisco, CA

HootSuite For Real Estate Agents

Congratulations Zillow.com On Your IPO Today!

Ubertor Powers Property Showdown Website For Calgary's CITY TV

Ubertor Testimonial from Neil Chahal for Uber Tin!

Interactive 360 Video

Royal Pacific Real Estate Agent Eunice Gall Launches Ubertor Website

Thornbury Ontario Agents Launch Ubertor Website

West Vancouver Agent Tim Webb Relaunches Website On Ubertor

RealEstateChannel With Stephen Jagger

Jason Weinman Launches New Ubertor Realtor Website

Ubertor Mobile Rolled Out On Every Ubertor Website

Jennifer Birch - Burlington, ON, Realtor Launches New Ubertor Website

Alexandre Sebe's Montreal Real Estate Website

LEARN about Social Media, SEO, Google Adwords and Blogging

Rachelle Delaney's Custom Ubertor Website

Realtor / Farmer Gary Chambers Talks About Selling Real Estate While Farming

Meet The Ubertor Team

NightOwl Catches Two Burglars In The Act (and gets them arrested by Abbotsford Police)

British Columbia Real Estate Association's Revised Training Material

The Ubertor Library & 4-Hour Work Week Giveaway

What Browser Do You Use?

The Proactive Chat Box

Agent Reboot ~ Vancouver

Active Listings On A Google Map

How Is Your Website Doing?

Ubertor Partners With Vzaar Video Platform

Choose Your Thumbnail Size

Welcome Calls: 'Ring Ring, It's Ubertor!'

Full Time Virtual Assistant For Your Real Estate Business ($7.50/hour)

Refer Ubertor WINNERS for April 2011!

CSR of the Month: Marie "Tin" Sanchez (Uber Tin)

Are You Prepared For Canada's New Anti-spam Law?

OpenID Comes To Ubertor

Upcoming Event: The Art Of Marketing - June 9th 2011

Robin Lear - You WIN A Copy Of "Double Double"

Ubertor Covered in BC Business Magazine (May 2011)

'Kaizen'ing' Your Business

RETSO Radio Interview

FREE Realtor Event In Victoria, BC - "Why Victoria, Why Now"

Ubertor's Client Service Team Tackle "The E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber

An Interview: Cameron Herold Author Of "Double Double"

Email Testimonial From Realtor Jeffrey Sefton

The Importance of Handwritten Thank You Cards

New Feature: New Custom Badge Color Selector

New Feature: Twitter Post Templates

Meet The Ubertor Client Service Team

Guided Ubertor Webinar Today With Stephen Jagger

Jumpstart Checklist

New HGTV Show - "Urban Suburban"

Ubertor Culture

BCREA Social Media Guidelines

Changes to Data Distribution in Canada

Quick RETechSouth.com Recap

Refer Ubertor Tab

Reachd.com April Dates Announced!

New Feature: Website Overview Numbers

CondoInbox: Practical Tools for Effective Homeowners Associations

Ubertor Video Syndication To Facebook (updated)

Do You Do Video Testimonials With Your Clients?

RE/MAX is Wack

Ubertor Concierge Plan

QR Codes Come To Ubertor

Real Estate Technology Events for March 2011


LivingInRegina.com Launches New Website

Jennifer Chiu On Wufoo

New Feature: Nightly Sync With MLS Data, Automatically*

Online Marketing - The Next Step For Realtors

Kelley Skar's New Ubertor Website - NWCalgaryHomes.com

Kory Prince's Landing Page Using Ubertor Landing Page Tool


A Couple New Templates Added; RE/MAX Versions

Strategic Information For REBGV REALTORS

Virtual Assistant For REALTORS

"Lean" Eric Ries In Vancouver

Kyle Hislop, Chilliwack REALTOR Shows You Around His Website (video)

Online Marketing Training In Vancouver

Social Media Is Not Only For REALTORS In The Big City

Joyce O'Neill, Okotoks REALTOR Website

Ubertor On Facebook

No Shortcuts Design Launches LimRealty.ca

CREB® Launches REALTOR Website Product; Chooses Ubertor.com As Partner

Interesting Idea For iPad Promo for 2011

Three Spots Left In Reachd.com Training Course

OTD Basic Training

Adding Multiple Photos to Your Ubertor Listings (video)

A tiny home tour: living in 96 square feet

Toronto Mortgage Broker On Ubertor

Zappos Insights 2-Day Bootcamp, Las Vegas NV

Realtor.ca Launches iPhone App

Dan Jarvis, Realtor in North Vancouver Launches New Website

Video Interviews - A Great Way To Add Quality Content

"Vuppie" Vancouver Urban Professional

"Join Macdonald Realty" (Video)

Realtor Virtual Assistant Available

Regina Realtor Utilizing Video

Ubertor Approved Vendors

Get The Ubertor Blog In Your Email

Susan Ninow Video Interview

New Ubertor Feature: Customize Your Blog URL

Shaun Kimmins Thoughts On Ubertor

Victoria Real Estate Expo 2010

Kelowna Realtor Grant Wiebe's Testimonial About Ubertor

Ray Elwenni's Edmonton Real Estate Team Launch New Website

Edith Katronis First To Utilize Larger Thumbnail Images

New Ubertor Feature: Customize the Thumbnail Size

Don Cherry New Spokesman for Dominion Lending Centres

Ubertor Testimonial from Peter Spence, Toronto Realtor

New Approved Vendor; Designs4Realtors.com In Toronto

Vancouver Internet Marketing Classes – November 2010

Mark Ballard; Custom Realtor Website

Dave Snider Uses New Featured Listing Widget

New Feature: Social Sharing Features Added To Ubertor

New Ubertor Feature: Fully Customizable Featured Listing Widgets

Considering A Virtual Assistant?

New Feature: Stats For Your Videos On Combustion Video

"Be virtually stress-free" via FinancialPost.com

New Ubertor Feature: Set The Ubertor Logo Position On Your Videos

Custom Design; Wrapped Around The Ubertor Website Platform

Custom Web Design; Wrapped Around The Ubertor Website Platform

Epta Properties; Avra Launch Party

September 2010 Web Marketing Courses in Vancouver

Marylou Leslie Rocking Video

Ubertor Auto Blog Functionality

Google Instant: It Searches AS You Type

Ubertor Update: Twitter Integration

Guest Post: Video Blogging

Guest Post: Parketing

New Ubertor Feature: Get Notified When Someone On Your Website Emails A Home

Ubertor Approved Vendor Program

"How Do You Catch a Possible Customer's Eye?"

Abbotsford Video From Carlson Media

Chinese Characters On Your Ubertor Website

Ubertor iPhone / iPad Ready

Add Your Twitter Feed To Your Ubertor Website

New Ubertor Feature: Listing Search Module

Joe Ferrara, real estate blogging and social media pioneer, dies

Featured Ubertor Website: Arizona Realtor Team

Featured Ubertor Website: The Key Marketing

Featured Ubertor Website: Regina Real Estate Website

"The Customer Owns Your Brand"

Big Think - Jason Fried (video)

New Ubertor Feature: Control Google Maps For Your Listings

New Ubertor Feature: Customize Auto Blog Formatting

New Ubertor Feature: Save Blog Posts As A Draft

New Features Window

Ubertor Video Testimonial From: Joey Marshall, Ottawa Realtor

YouTube Ups Maximum Upload Time Limit to 15 Min.

Cycling Events - Good For Business?

New Ubertor Feature: Third Level Navigation

BC Business Magazine "Lower Your Overhead with These Online-only Tools"

More Services Added to Ubertor Concierge Program

New York Times Goes House Hunting in Vancouver

Drive Traffic and Quality Leads

Reading List

Website Statistics - Are You Reviewing Them?

Long Track Long Shot

Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry by Movela (Review)

Google Voice Opens To All

YouTube Adds Online Editing Tool

Vancouver Building Demolition Goes Awry

Learn to Grow Your Business through Online Marketing

Organize Your Expenses From Anywhere - Instantly

"And Now For Facebook’s Next Trick: Video"

Realtor Will Attempt To Do Grouse Grind 14x In One Day

New Feature: Expand/Collapse Control Panel Navigation

In Person Online Marketing Courses

Ubertor Concierge Plan (video)

San Diego Castles Realty's TurnHere Video

Updated Feature: Ubertor And Facebook Video

New Feature: Integrate Ubertor And Google Apps

Social Media Guided Tour (Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin)

Custom DNS Records For Your Ubertor Website

Build a Website Google Loves (via Reachd.com)

New Feature: Customize Your Automated Twitter Updates

Benschmidt.tv - Ubertor Video Testimonial

*NEW* Ubertor Concierge Plan Now Available

Calgary Realtor Kelley Skar's Ubertor Testimonial (video)

Which Realtors Are Doing Business? Which Are Not?

Twitter for Business

Update: Facebook Video Syndication Updated w/ Privacy Settings

Rob Reynar Talks Outsourced Assistants

New Feature: Ubertor Syndicates Your Videos to Facebook

Upcoming Reachd.com Training Courses (Vancouver)

Stephen Jagger's Upcoming Speaking Schedule

Lions Gate Bridge For Sale (via RealEstateChannel)

Sociable! Book Launch Victoria, BC - Are You Coming?

New Feature: Ubertor Integrates with Google Docs

Stephen Jagger's New Book Sociable!

Get Line2, the First Dual Mode Cell/VoIP Calling App for iPhone

Feature Update: Upload Multiple Files to Library

Feature Update: Enable/Disable Ken Burns Effect per Listing

Feature Update: On / Off Switch for Blog Posts

NotAPennyDown - Part 2

"Cocktail Parties on Steroids"

Arizona Association of Realtors Hot on Video

Sociable! Book Launch Party - A Big Success

Beautiful New Website for Shaun Kimmins

Google Olympic Map

The Olympics Are Coming To Vancouver

Online Help Testimonial

Ubertor Gets Shout Out at RE/MAX Kick Start Event in Toronto (video)

Stephen Jagger's Book Sociable! Now Available

Coach Tom Ferry & Ian Watt

Custom Commission Calculator

Ubertor's First Client Makes a Change

Updated Brenda Balogh Website (Custom Notary Public Site)

Freyburg Media Neighbourhood Videos

Custom Old Fort Myers Real Estate Website

Keeping it Real (Estate) - by Kris Berg

What Can An Offshore Virtual Assistant Do For A Realtor?

Hot Rod Realtor

Custom Real Estate Developer Website on Ubertor

Custom Realtor Website for Burke Mountain Homes

Twitter "Tweets" in Google Results

Are You Creating Video?

Jeff Booth, President and CEO - on BuildDirect

Before and After: www.stylianou.ca

New Ubertor Approved Vendor – Tordia Images

Brilliant Use of Facebook for Marketing (video)

Vancouver Sun's Gillian Shaw and Kirk LaPointe (Video)

Two Tiered Real Estate Service

Tom Ferry "Information Is Not Enough"

Mario Felicella's New Ubertor Website

Reachd.com Launches in Victoria, BC

Stephen Jagger Talking About Tools to Run a Virtual Business

Augmented Reality

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics (video)

Ubertor - "Video Focused Real Estate Agent Websites"

feedback from - RE/MAX Canada Conference in Banff

Come Hear Gillian Shaw and Krik Lapointe on Nov. 23rd 2009

Village of Anmore Custom Ubertor Website

Custom Real Estate Agent Website Focused on New Construction

Ian Watt Rocking it at Coach Tom Ferry's Event in San Diego

Another Custom Realtor Website

Homes for the Holidays (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Nanaimo)

Video Syndication on Ubertor

Greg, Shirley and Steve Hamre of Ottawa Love Ubertor

Brenda Balogh, Yaletown Notary Public - Updated Website

New Ubertor Feature: Allow Properties to Display Different Currencies

Meet & Tweet with Stephen Jagger

Create Custom Landing Pages for your Realtor Website

Add Custom Forms to your Ubertor Website

Change the Currency of Your Ubertor Website

Gary Vaynerchuk's Book "Crush It" is Available Now

Presentation: Newspapers, Social Media and the Future of Reporting

Klahanie Port Moody Niche Website Launched

Manage Google Street View On Your Website

Video: What Is Google Street View?

Google Street View Comes To Canada & Ubertor

Social Media Speaker Shane Gibson on Social Media Marketing

Lost Dog

Outsourcing Things Done

Agent Launches New Modesto California Ubertor Website

Recap: Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Big Event 3

Web Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

What do Warren Buffet, Steve Jagger & Ian Watt Have in Common?

New Chicago Townhome Website Launched

Reminder: Renew Your Domain Name(s)

New Website: Luxury Vancouver Real Estate

"The Godfather of the Video Blog"

Bank Owned, Short Sale & Distressed LUXURY PROPERTY Website

Follow Up: Jack Nicklaus’ new golf course at Wyndansea in Ucluelet, BC

Joe Fayner Redesigns His Website

Jeeves, a Butler, and the Girl Friday got together to...

Web Marketing Bootcamp for RE/MAX Ontario (pictures)

REBarCamp Seattle - review in pictures

Toronto Realtor Mark Savel Makes The Move To Ubertor

RE Bar Camp Seattle - Ian Watt Keynote Speech - #rebcsea

Who Comes To Reachd Video Training?

Huge New Feature: Record Video From Your Ubertor Control Panel

Real Estate Bar Camp Seattle

Squamish Real Estate Agent Launches New Ubertor Website

6 Figure Agent From Florida Talks About ClientLunchBox

Stephen Jagger Video Interview w/ The Real Estate Channel

"The Most Comprehensive Real Estate Guide To Equestrian Estates" Launched on Ubertor

Updated Feature: Download Original Video

(VIDEO) Feedback from Reachd Participants in Wichita

BuildDirect "How We Do What We Do Contest"

Gap Ditches TV for Facebook in Advertising New Jeans

Frank Mihal Launches New Ubertor Custom Site

Sylvia Sam Goes Custom

Is social media a fad?

Developing a Social Media Policy & Guidelines

Add A Twitter Widget To Your Homepage

Realtor Training: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Wichita and Omaha

Halifax Real Estate Guy, Andrew Perkins, Loves Ubertor

Flash Map Addition to Banner

I'm Speaking @ The Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Big Event 3

Updated Feature: Flash Banners

(video) Dean Linnell talks about Ubertor Approved Vendor SplitMango

Reachd's Web Analytics Series: What is Bounce Rate?

Upcoming Calgary Realtor Training (Sept. 17th 2009)

Ubertor Wins 2009 Inman Most Innovative Web Service Award

Meetup.com - a chat with the co-founder and CEO

Reachd.com Training Dates and Locations for August 2009

New Ubertor Templates Available Now

CondoGuys Take It Up A Notch

Custom Realtor Websites (a couple more)

New Whistler Real Estate Website w/ Tons of Video

Real Estate TKO Episode #1 with Kye Grace & Tom Everitt

Massive New Feature: Video Syndication and Video Hosting Platform

Anderson Walk on Shaw TV’s The Express

Victoria Real Estate Website

Brandu.ca Created Identity Wrapped Around Ubertor

Summertime Training - Get Your Business Web Ready

Add Other Languages to Your Ubertor Website

Unique Realtor Web Sites

Yes, You Can Specify Additional Rules To Add To Your Site's Robots.txt file

Ubertor Feature: Showcase Your Listings Using Google Maps

Custom Realtor Website

Sebastian Albrecht Is Owning The Grouse Grind

Monet Tyler's Heritage Woods Homes

Ubertor is an Inman News 2009 Innovator Award Finalist

Real Estate Board Summer BBQ-Fundraiser for Covenant House @ Brock House

Excellent Use of Listing Tools

1 Day Very Hands On Realtor Training

Jeff Poh Customized His Website

SplitMango Kicks It Up A Notch

Ken Leong Updates His Look

The Loss of Renowned Architect Arthur Erickson

Entrepreneurs Organization Global Leadership Conference (New Orleans, Hong Kong)

1 Day Google Adwords Training (Vancouver)

Move Your Existing Website Design to Ubertor

Stunning Florida Realtor Website

105 Second Twitter Demo (video)

Steve and Kris Berg Launch New Ubertor Website

Come Listen, Learn and Ask Questions with Ian Watt

Agents from Kaslo, Parksville and Vancouver

Are You Using Google Analytics?


Kuni Talks About Ubertor (video)

Thanks from Nina Campbell

Realtor Video Blogs - Are you shooting video?

Andrew Peck and Teri Conrad pick Ubertor

Ubertor SEO Training

1 Month of Free Hosting on Ubertor.com...

Beautiful Realtor Website Designs

Rob Reynar re: Reachd.com Search Engine Optimization Bootcamp

Custom Listing Badges

Learn What the Ubertor SEO Enhancement Can Do For You

Hot Topic: Social Media

Learn What the Ubertor SEO Enhancement Can Do For You

Another Fantastic Custom Ubertor Website

Twitter works for making connections, getting referrals

The Okanagan Vineyard Collection by Sothebys

Sync Your Ubertor Website to Twitter

SplitMango.com Launches Free Twitter Widget for Ubertor Websites

RealtySupport Relaunches Its Website

Custom Design Your Ubertor Website

BuildDirect Recap - the best laminate flooring available

Link Monday

Live Video Blog

"The Death of the Old School Realtor"

Stop 6 : The Power of Twitter

Who Really Cares About Online Video?

Shaw TV covers Ubertor Agent Teri-Lyn Conrad

Good Information About Police Response and Home Alarms

ABC's Nightline covers Twitter

What Is Twitter? Why Should I Be On It"

Epta Properties says: "Watch Us Build"

TechVibes.com Interviews Tech Savy Realtor

Twitter For Real Estate

We're Flattered, but really?

Learn to Eliminate 15 minutes of painful screen time using the New Photo Upload Tool!

"Blog to increase Google rankings, SEO expert says"

It's Tough Out There

Twitter Away, someone's listening

Michael Price of MLPodcast interviews Kye Grace

Uber Video Bloggers Featured in REM Magazine

"That's easy, he is single, young and has the time"

BuildDirect Video Installing Indoor Flooring Outdoors

Vancouver realtor live-streams online

Lunch and Learn - make your 2009 marketing plan

Who Should I Follow On Twitter?

What makes a Great Real Estate Lead?

Steve Jagger Keynote at RE/MAX Event in Vancouver

Inman News New York Keynote: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Reachd Video Training

BuildDirect.com: Watch Us Wreck a Floor

"TEAM CLAUDE" gets into Video

Build a World Class Agent Web Site

Ubertor Clients Respond to MyRealPage Emails

Vancouver Twitter Community Unites to Help Homeless

2009 - Are you doing a redesign?

Christmas Special: ThinkTom Show and Steve Jagger

Twitter Heads - Vancouver Courier

New Mortgage Broker Website Launched

Sotheby's International Realty Launches 'Whistler Collection'

Looking For Some Great Blogs To Read?

Top 10 Condo Buildings in Vancouver, BC, Canada

BuildDirect.com - transforming the building supply business

Edmonton Real Estate Agent Shoutout!

Voice Search is Here!

Realtor Takes Clothes Off On Camera

Homes for the Holidays: A Great Gift Idea

New Approved Vendor: Split Mango

Ian Watt - Top 10 Global Bloggers according to Inman News

AndrewCarros.com, Vancouver Realtor, November 4th, 2008

ThinkTom interviews Rodney from Reachd

Ok, Really, What is Twitter?

Custom Websites - Kuni's team knocks another one out of the park

ThinkTom Steps Into Twitter (video)

Vancouver Sun covers Stephen Jagger and Twitter.com

Rolandlewis.com, Vancouver Realtor, October 27,2008

New Ubertor Feature: Intergration with Twitter.com

Waterfrontvancouver.ca, Vancouver Realtor, October 20,2008

Ruthannewinter.com, Oakville Realtors, October 13, 2008

9 Ideas To Push Through A Declining Real Estate Market

You Need To Be At INMAN Connect09 in New York

Last Chance

CTV Covers Video Real Estate Agent

Vancouver-Condo.ca, Vancouver Realtor, October 6,2008

MASSIVE Listing Photos - New Ubertor Feature

Tuesday, October 7th 2008 - Bring Your Technology Questions

National Do Not Call List - Does This Change Your Marketing?

Market Is Getting Tough; What Are You Doing Different?

Ryansoldit.ca, Vancouver Realtors, September 29, 2008

Coldwell Banker iPhone App

Ubertor Webinar : Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM PST

Video Blog Training Session (get a FREE Flip Video Camera)

Come Listen To Your Fellow Realtors Talk Technology

Uncommon Video from The Uncommon Agent (in Barbershop)

Betsythomas.com, Betsy Thomas Emboldened Living, September 22,2008

Tom Everitt - 5 Tips To Sell Your Home

Ubertor Goes From Sea, to Sky: Attention all Whistler Realtors!

"Own An Island, Or At Least Visit One"

It Is Time To Learn More About The Internet

Bestedmontonrealestate.com, Edmonton Realtor, September 15,2008

2 Great Examples of Customization on Ubertor

Learn the basic "How-To's" for your Ubertor website

Two Events That You Should Be At

What is Google Adwords?

Shaunkimmins.com, Vancouver Realtor, September 8, 2008

BrendaRussell.ca, Oak Bay Realtor, September 2, 2008

Tokase.com, Los Cabos Realtors, August 26, 2008

New Feature: Ubertor Photo System Updated

Need Help?

Are You On Twitter.com?

AOL Video Added to Ubertor Video Syndication

Realtor Online Video Show

Show Your Listings On Google Maps

September 2008 - take advantage now

Thinktom.com, Greater Vancouver Realtor, August 18, 2008

Susan Smith, Whister/Pemberton Realtor - VIDEO

"A" is for August

New Addition: Viddler.com joins Vimeo, YouTube

TechVibes.com Relaunches

MyTechOpinion: Vlogging Contest

Special: September Internet Marketing Courses

"Nice House Baby!"

VIDEO Press Release - RE: New Video Feature on Ubertor

RonWeemsJr.com, Marysville, W.A. Realtor, August 11, 2008

TimAyres.ca, Sooke Realtor, August 5, 2008

Open House Signage

Barbara Corcoran’s Top 4 Tips for Sellers

Add Video Quickly and Easily to Your Listings (video)

speaking at the Vancouver Board of Trade (video)

Bridgechurch.ca, Kitsilano Church, July 28, 2008

Events This Week - BOT, Twitter, SEO

Ubertor gets into the Booze ...

Driving and Video Blogging

Realcentralvarealestate.com, Charlottesville Eco Realtor, July 21, 2008

VIDEO: Why Realtors should be Blogging

Cheaper .ca Domain Names?

Need Help With Sales?

Realtors step up to the mic... I mean camera... both

Kitsilanohouses.com, Kitsilano Realtor, July 14, 2008

Mike Lefebvre, C21 Agent Wins $21K For His Clients Using Video

Real Estate Channel Announces new Manitoba Channel on MTS All Stream

Are You In Vancouver July the 18th?

I'm Speaking at the Vancouver Board of Trade

iPhone Day - Are You Getting One?

Add A Welcome Video To Your Home Page

"more than 500 results, please refine your search"

All 10 Google Results!

Moo Launches Business Cards for Agents

Sales Guru Shane Gibson relaunches his sale blog

Twitter.com - are you a twit?

Blogroll - a few great blogs

Andrew Carros of Sotheby's International Realty Canada...

It Is Flattering To Be Copied; But When Do You Consider Something Out Right Theft?

Kitscondos.ca, Kitsilano Realtors, June 30, 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the use of social media...

Learn, Study, Absorb, Pick Up, Acquire, Hit The Books

Inman asks for "your stories"

"Any Site Requiring a Log In Is Death For Lead Generation"

Todays Interesting Videos

Driving directions with Street View on Google Maps

Steve Jobs at the WWDC cut down to 60 seconds

Summer slow down, learn about the internet

Techy Interviews - Rebecca Bollwitt aka Miss604.com

Kris Berg takes a role at Inman News

Techy Interviews - Daniel Gibbons

Example of a Realtor using video to do a walk through


Ubertor syndicates your video to YouTube and Vimeo

Out with the old, in with the new.

What is social media?

Register a .info domain name for $0.98

Wordpress 5th Birthday Recap - San Francisco, CA

DOJ vs NAR = big changes?

WordPress 5th Birthday Party


For Sale signs WITH the price

KillerStartups.com - reviews Ubertor.com

Zoning... I keep seeing listings on Realtor websites that refer to...

MLS.ca is soon to be Realtor.ca?

See what Dara Sklar has to say about Ubertor

New Approved Vendor - Syntric Design

Ubertor and Reachd get some love in the Vancouver Sun

Video Added to Google Maps Results

Ubertor Training (downtown Vancouver)

WANTED: CSS Designers Looking for Work

Monday night... are you coming?

FREE Flip Video Ultra Camera

7 Books Recommendations

Home Security Seminar

So,... looking at some real estate...

Are you happy these guys do not take their SEO seriously?

Ubertor Training Session

over 10,000 views so far

Community Events - where are you?

Links Module upgraded, made easier to use...

Looking for Stock Photos?

by request: Ubertor unveils new "photo-drag" to listing module

a video showing you how to add your listings to Craiglist through Ubertor

Interesting Marketing Idea?

Big Day - Thursday April 17th 2008

NEW Customizations - New Sites, New Looks

25 business owners with Seth Godin in NY

"Fire your PR firm"

Easy, Quick, Flexible Virtual Flyers for your listings

Inman: Craigslist might hit $81 million this year

Flying Penguins on BBC Documentary - April Fools

Come to Zillow, learn about Google Adwords

4,347 reasons to use myRealPage.com? I don't think so.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about your personal brand

Real Estate Blogging

New Search

Extra Wide Realtor Website

Interesting concept for adding more space

Why Ubertor?

Coral Gables, Flordia - Benito Reo Realty

Great use of video

Save money on phone calls

Cut vehicle costs

Wow, kitscondos.ca

C21 YouTube Channel

Top Real Estate Seminars

Bloodhound offline marketing techniques

How many potential buyers do you loose because you don't add pictures?

Realty Support gives feedback about Ubertor

Unique Opportunities to Learn...

Seth Godin does not promote the VOW

A VOW does not bring you leads

LA Times: "Realtor blogs help reel in clients, boost sales"

Want to see who you're missing? Watch this video...

Vancouver Blogger - Ian Watt, Realtor

Do you photoshop the potential into a listing photo?

Seth Godin Podcast - definitely worth a listen

Common Craft has released another simple video explaining Online Photo Sharing

Get the lead...

Video: CSS defined, with examples

Ubertor on TechCrunch.com

"the man who tamed Ubertor"

Different perspectives about Ubertor (CSS Designer, 2 Realtors and a Virtual Assistant)

Video Testimonials

Stand out with video!

Wanting to get started with Linkedin?

In Person Training Event: Learn all about the SEO features of Ubertor

Domain Name Scam?

Learn what Thomas Hobbs, Nine Inch Nails, Red Bull and Provident Security all have in common....

"I don't want to be dripped on"

"average (NYC) apartment costing $10 million" [cnn.com]

Welcome to 2008, Step 1....

Ubertor uses Google Docs, so should your real estate business!

Hate Spam? Get Gmail!

Email Etiquette

Realtor Websites

Control Your Robots.txt file

Video: Vancouver - the city, the massive underground project

Now you can Create Landing Pages Quickly and Easily

Confused about online social media marketing?

Are you getting a new cell phone for Christmas?

Examples of Non Realtor Websites running on Ubertor

Example of a custom banner and masthead

Why is Internet Explorer unsafe?

Google's Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners (video)

Good Domain Name, Bad Domain Name

Google Street View now embeddable

Ubertor Language Control

Real Estate Channel gets web2.0

Unique Marketing Idea to sell a home

What if Vanessa Fox was a real estate agent?

Blogs in Plain English (video)

Easy Virtual Flyers - Build your own in 3 minutes!

CityTV's Realty TV

New Feature: Virtual Flyer

Add a Custom Favicon

NASDAQ Launches the NASDAQ Internet Index

Where did the day go?

Leo's Lab Covers MyRealPlace.com

Video: Ubertor Agents talk about why they use Ubertor

Interview: What if Seth Godin was a Realtor?

Ubertor TV - video interview with MyRealPlace.com

Browser Stats - Internet Explorer not so hot

7 Website No No's

Why you need Gmail - spam free

Canadians will spend more for 'green' homes

ONNI community relations

Environmental Bug - has it hit you?

Facebook now worth $15 Billion

Techcouver - Ubertor gets the nod

Christian Sterner of WellcomeMat speaks with Ubertor

Ubertor now syndicates to Zillow.com

Google Street View

Royal LePage gets Web 2.0 (sort of)

Business in Vancouver: "Realtors are embracing the power of online interaction"

Jacob says he is "super stoked with the css unlock"

Beautiful Design, simple software

Googled yourself and was disappointed?

fun times with JibJab.com

Submit your listings to Trulia, automatically, free

Be notified automatically when your name shows up on the Internet

Ubertor Free Trial

Considering a switch to Google Apps?

"All Wordpressing Their Widgets in Your Facebooks!"

TechCrunch40 Wrap Up

$30 Million more for controversial website

Google as an MLS?

Hop off the fence!

Always a surprise around the corner - Here are 3 Tips to try

CSS Unlocked System Wide - want to customize your website?

Ubertor's Steve Jagger on San Francisco based InmanTV

Ever wondered how email gets around?

TechCrunch - "Slide Users Adding One Million New Widgets Daily"

super focused real estate web 2.0 community launches

Shane Gibson sales help videos

Google Maps makes it easy to put a map anywhere on your website or blog

Customize your website address with your logo

Are you "an ordinary real estate agent"?

What is the RE/MAX Platinum Club?

Realtor Websites - Ubertor overhauls its control panel! - Try it now for 30 days free

Macdonald Realty going green with new MacGreen initiative

Inman Real Estate Connect Recap

Google Webmaster Guidelines for Realtor Websites

newspapers losing ground to the online world

Unique Marketing - do you stand out from the crowd?

the power of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)


Ubertor, meets Sellsius in Seattle and visits Zillow and Redfin

Customized Real Estate Website - see what CSS can do

Internet goes on vacation

30 Days Free - give us a try

Free stats for your website - Google Analytics

Custom M&M's for your real estate business

Keyword Rich Domain Names for Real Estate

Add a custom Google Map to your website

CBC coverage of the Real Estate Channel

Great Speaker/Topics this Monday, July 9th

Motivated Seller ? Handyman Special ? Good Value ? see what Bran Inman has to say

Arizona State University, Linköpings University in Sweden and Trinity College in Dublin did it... will your real estate business?

Will the Apple iPhone help Realtors?

RealEstateChannel.ca goes Canada wide

Sneak Preview of Jack Nicklaus' new golf course at Wyndansea in Ucluelet, BC

Completely Customize your Ubertor Realtor Website

Open House Feedback

Sutton's Steve Birkic doing print right!!

Google Maps cranks it up a notch!

Joel Burslem pops by for a visit

Brad Inman and Jessica Swesey chime in on a paperless real estate world

Social Event: "Going Paperless in Real Estate 2.0"

Clear Search Engine Optimization

more powerful than Craigslist?

How Realtors Help?

Joel says: Realtors Flunk Web Marketing 101

Reno Condo Project Billboards in downtown Vancouver

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