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Top 10 SEO Tips For Ubertor Websites

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

What’s the Value of Being the Top Google Search Result?

A website with the first position in Google results receives 33% of the search traffic for a keyword or phrase, compared with 18% for the second position, according to a recent report by Chitika Insights.

Sites listed on the first Google search results page generate 91.5% of all traffic from an average search. When moving from page one to two, the traffic drops 95%—and 78% and 58% for the next two pages, respectively. Read more if you are interested.

So what are 10 things you can do on your Ubertor website to improve your search engine results?

1) Optimize your Page Titles…see below (The 64 character blue line in a Google search result)

Use the keywords that you want to be found for. Try and think like someone searching for a home or a Realtor.® i.e. Calgary downtown condo, apartment and penthouse specialist

2) Optimize your Page Descriptions…see below (The two black lines of 164 characters in a Google search result)

Again use keywords and make it compelling. Add a call to action like “Call me if you are buying or selling a home on downtown Toronto….etc

Ubertor Page Titles and Descriptions

3) Optimize your listings (See our instructions in a previous blog post by clicking here)

Always have a complete address, building name if applicable, area or community name. Click on the SEO Address enhance.

Click on the Enable for the Custom Page Title (the blue line on a Google search result) and add up to 64 characters that accurately describe the home with the most important details.

Click on the Enable for the Custom Meta Description (the two black lines in a Google search result) and add up to 155 characters that “romance” the home with the most important details. Make it compelling.

4) Optimize your Blog post titles (Use keywords)

Whenever you add a listing and it is auto-blogged go immediately to the blog post and romance the title with keywords.

5) Optimize your content (Write about what you want to be found for)

Search engines visit your website and index all of the words on it to determine if your website is the right one for a page 1 search result. Search engines do not infer, they are looking for words on your website that indicate what you do. For example on your home page you should conversationally list the areas you work in, the type of buyers and sellers you work with and that your are in fact a Realtor.

6) Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmasters

This is what you will see when you are almost finished on the Google Webmasters website.

Naming the sitemap properly

7) Add Alt Tags to your photos

People do image searches all the time and it is the Alt tag that Search engines read to index an image.

8) Update your website frequently using the blog

This should have been the number one tip as there is nothing more important than a dynamic website with keywords added throughout. Check out the title of the blog post below and all of the keywords people use to search for a home.

My advice is if you learn about a new listing then blog about it and add the address.

9) Use H1 and H2 Headings at the top of every page

Search engines know that anything in a big, strong, bold font must be important so make sure every page of your website has a heading or title.


MLS SEARCH – Heading 2

10) Make sure your page names (URLs) are descriptive

If you have a page featuring Saskatoon homes for sale then the page name should be www.mywebsite

I understand this is a lot of information, but even if you implemented one idea per week within 3 months your page rankings will soar or you can reach my team here to discuss how we can help. If you have any questions for Ubertor, feel free to connect with their Live Help.

Optimizing Your New Listings For Better Search Results using Ubertor

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

This is my first guest post and I wanted to share something of high value with you. Your Ubertor website is a magnet for search engines, but there are a few things you can do when you add a listing that will “energize” it even more. If you can spare 30 seconds you can make a world of difference in how your listing gets found and displayed by search engines.

Here are 5 things you should do when you add a listing:

1) Always make sure you have the complete address, the complete neighbourhood and city. If you import the listing from your MLS change the street name from CAPS to Sentence case and always add the neighbourhood so when people search for a home on the “Glenmore Heights” area your listing will be found.

2) After you create the listing go back and click on the SEO Address and Enhance it. If you need a hand activating this feature, connect with Ubertor’s Live Help. They’ll be happy to turn it on for you.

3) Click on the Enable for the Custom Page Title (the blue line on a Google search result) and add up to 64 characters that accurately describe the home with the most important details. Use keywords like “West Vancouver Home For Sale”

4) Click on the Enable for the Custom Meta Description (the two black lines in a Google search result) and add up to 160 characters that “romance” the home with the most important details. Make it compelling.

5) When you add a listing the website “auto-blogs” the listings. STOP! Change the auto-blogged post title to something more interesting for search engines i.e. Port Coquitlam Family Home For Sale. 4 Bedrooms 2300 sq ft  Also add the same keywords to the body of the blog post.

The most important thing you can do is add the listing to your website before it goes live on your MLS and all of the IDX feeds and “scrapers” add it to their websites. Google will see the address on your website, typically rank you on page 1 and then all of the other websites should be below yours.

If you prefer to delegate listing optimization I offer a Basic service which covers the above and 6 other steps including uploading photos and we have a Premium service which includes syndicating the listing, adding open houses and statistics you can provide your clients.

You can reach my team here or if you have any questions for Ubertor, feel free to connect with their Live Help.

5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Ubertor Website

Friday, March 1st, 2013

So to begin with congratulations (no you haven’t won the lotto, it’s better than that) on owning a Ubertor Website! We would like to offer you some valuable advice on how to get the best out of your site this year. As I’m sure you are well aware the internet and social media has fast become the most popular way to communicate your business to the general population. The world is your oyster or rather your website is your oyster! So lets get your site working to promote you as one of the best in the realty business….

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and there are many more! These are currently the most commonly used social media sites and they will get you noticed – we promise! So if you don’t already have an account with at least one of the above sites, then it’s time to get signed up.

Ah you might say, but what a pain I have to update all my different sites individually, yuck and time consuming! Well with your Ubertor Website you can link your site to your chosen social media network or networks and any updates you make on your Ubertor Website – IE. listings and blogs, will be automatically available on your chosen social networking sites for your friends, clients and potential clients to see, like and share (if interesting enough).

Think FREE social advertising, and marketing. Simple and very effective… So are you signed up yet?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

How is your content? SEO is really important when trying to bring traffic to your website. When potential clients type in for example  ”Realtors Whistler” or “Realtors Vancouver” you want to be the first realtor that they see! We are an impatient species so scrolling through numerous different options is not what we want to do. It’s good to be the first!

  • Keep your content interesting and updated, especially your title tags. Choose different keywords for different pages. Choose keywords that accurately describe your business but don’t narrow the search too much. Most people will type in general words when doing a search on Google.
  • A great way to improve your SEO is to add external links to your webpage, this will help you to give extra information to your clients and make them feel good that you offered them a link to that information. This simple addition to your site, will raise your SEO and also bring clients back as they know you genuinely want to help them.
  • You can monitor your progress with your SEO on Google Analytics. You can find out how many customers you’re attracting, how much you’re selling and how users are engaging with your site(s).

Design and Layout:

The design and layout of your website is very important in holding the attention of your visitor.
  • Keep it simple, streamlined and eye catching
  • Use images, colour, widgets and videos appropriately
  • Keep a consistant layout and colour scheme throughout your site as this will help the visitor to identify with you and  your brand, it is also less confusing for them when navigating around the website.

When a visitor lands on your page you have about 8 seconds to capture their attention.

What will they see when they land on your website?

And is there a call to action within those 8 seconds?

Ubertor templates allow you to modify your website to suit your own needs and visual preference.


This is where you show the world you are an expert at what you do. Blogging gives you the stage to build your brand and establish you as an expert in your field.

It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Add the human aspect to your website. Sure you can have a biography page, but your blog is where you can be you.
  • Be creative. You can write about anything, and show the world what you really think about any given topic.
  • Help the SEO of your website. Want to be found for a specific search term? Try blogging about that topic and see what happens.

Utilize The Tools of the Listing Module:

If you’re selling a property, take the time to use the system to properly and elegantly display the property your selling – for your own and client’s sake. Sure, it may take a few extra minutes, but the investment is well worth it.

With the listing module you’re able to:

  • Display stunning HD photos using the Ken Burns effect.
  • Google map your property.
  • Add Walk Score to your property
  • Attach any associated files.
  • Add virtual tours.
  • Add video.
  • Add an MP3.
  • Create a unique domain name that will automatically redirect to the property.
  • Generate a QR Code for the property.
Well, I hope after you read this, you’re able to gather at least 1 take away from the 5 suggestions we’ve made. Our friends over at the Marketing Guy team have also put together a blog post that go into the top 12 upgrades you can implement on your Ubertor website. Put together, that is a wealth of information and action points you can take.

If you have any questions about this article or anything Ubertor related – engage us – we’re always happy to help.

Ubertor SEO Training

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

2 Dates SOLD OUT. has added another date. Very limited space. If your interested click here for complete details.


Rob Reynar re: Search Engine Optimization Bootcamp

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Cochrane AB Realtor Rob Reynar flew into Vancouver for Reachd‘s most recent 2 day Search Engine Optimization Bootcamp. He shot a quick video talking about his feedback on the course.

Learn What the Ubertor SEO Enhancement Can Do For You

Friday, March 20th, 2009

The Ubertor SEO Enhancement is second to none.

It allows you to manage/edit your Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Page title for each listing, Meta Descriptions for each listing, access to robots.txt, H tags are optimized for all listings, Alt tags are optimized automatically for listings and the ability to add predefined keywords to listings like, new carpet, granite countertops, landing page tool, plus much more. The way the Ubertor system is designed will ensure your success with a little effort on your end to add good quality content.

Interested in learning more about the Ubertor SEO Enhancement?
Want to see your website show up for a specific search term?

Then the upcoming online training course is for you. Rodney Bartlett from Reachd will be doing a 1 hour online training session specifically on the Ubertor SEO Enhancement. Rodney will go through the Ubertor control panel and show you how to take full advantage of the features to ensure you dominate on the internet for the search terms of your choice. Some of the terms above might sound complicated, but with a little direction you can take control of your website’s future.

This unique online course is limited to 20 people and a bunch of seats are already gone. The cost is $100.00 and includes the 1 hour training plus lots of time for questions.

To see more details or register for this event please click here.

BONUS: For everyone who takes this course, you will not only further your SEO knowledge and learn what Google is looking for but we will include the Ubertor SEO Enhancement for FREE. ($495 Value)

“Blog to increase Google rankings, SEO expert says”

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I spoke at the Vancouver Board of Trade yesterday to a sold out crowd on the topic of search engine optimization. It was a great morning full of great conversation and lots of questions. The Board of Trade has written a summary of the event on their website. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, check out

Are you happy these guys do not take their SEO seriously?

Monday, April 28th, 2008

The Real Estate Council of British Columbia has a website (as I’m sure all real estate councils do) that showcases all of the disciplinary decisions since 2004.

Imagine what would happen if you Google’d your name and one of these disciplinary decisions showed up? Would you take your search engine optimization more seriously? Would pay attention to this type of stuff?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m sure the Real Estate Council of British Columbia will adjust their website at some point…. What will you do? Will you be ready? Paying attention to it?

Ideally your not on it, but what if you were?

Top Real Estate Seminars

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

There are lots of real estate focused seminars coming up in the next few months all across North America. If you can make one or some, do it. Great speakers, great information, great opportunity.

March 27th, Atlanta, GA: REtech South – Large line up of real estate bloggers as Speakers

April 17th, Irvine, CA – 4RealzEd – Super Real Estate Blogger Dustin Luther’s Workshop

April 17th, Seattle, WA – Reachd – Learn about Google Adwords within Zillow’s offices

April 24th, Vancouver, BC – Reachd – Search Engine Optimization hands on training

May 18th – 20th, Phoenix, AZ – BloodHound – Social Media Marketing Conference for Realtors

July 23rd – 25th, San Francisco, CA – Inman – Real Estate Connect San Francisco 2008

Realty Support gives feedback about Ubertor

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Dara from Realty Support wrote an interesting post about her thoughts on Ubertor and our SEO friendliness. Here is a snippet of what she said…

“I know it sounds like a bit of a sales pitch, but realistically, Ubertor simply does have the best platform on many levels, which is why I choose to work and recommend their product.”

Take a peek at her whole post as she goes into some details about what she likes about some unique features of our system. Thanks Dara!