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Help Search Engines - and Clients! - Find Your Website by using Google Sitemaps (Step 8 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Farm Area Website)

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 20, 2016 12:16:00 PM / by UberDara


You may be surprised to learn “Google Sitemaps” are not the index or "table of contents” of your website. The term is similar, after all.

Google Sitemaps provides search engines with a dynamic list of your website content, optimized for search crawlers to read and inform.

These Sitemaps let search engines know about updates to your website and make it easier for the search engine to rank you in their listings.

If you haven’t set up Google Sitemaps, it might be weeks before Google notices that your website even exists.

Using Google Sitemaps ensures Google notices new listings and new web content as soon as they’re posted. If you have reciprocity listings on your website, then your website has new listings DAILY, and we want Google to know about it!

The good news is that Google Sitemaps setup only has to be done once.

If you have an Ubertor website, just follow the steps on this post: 
How to Set up Google Sitemaps on your Ubertor Website.

Once you’ve connected your website to your Google Webmaster Tools account, and submitted your sitemap, your website will report its content to Google as the content changes.

If you’ve recently created a website, start searching for your keywords daily.

The best test to see whether your website has been indexed - that the search engine has found and read your site - is to actually search for your domain name.

To do this, type “site:” followed by your domain name into your browser. If indexed, your website will be the first entry on the list.

Here's what that looks like on Google:

google site colon ubertor dot com.jpg 

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Written by UberDara

Dara has been helping agents market themselves and their listings online since 2005. Have a topic you'd like to know more about? Drop Dara a line.

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