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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

How to Evaluate Your Real Estate Niche Website’s Success (Step 10 of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Neighbourhood Website)

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 24, 2016 1:42:00 PM / by UberDara


Once you’ve created a successful Niche website, you can make it happen again and again. And again.

Some of the most successful agents I know have 5-10 farm-area websites to their names… and they all started with one, saw what worked, and then duplicated that process for additional success.

When your website starts showing up on page one of Google for your desired keywords, there’s no doubt that

  • Your phone will ring more often
  • Your name will be better-recognized
  • Your clients and prospects will see you as an authority

How do you determine whether your website is "working"?

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Regularly search for your keywords and check whether your website is climbing up the rankings by keeping a log of your searches, the dates, and the results.

Once you know you’re showing up at the top of certain search terms, it’s time to look closely at your Google Analytics data to see how many visitors are showing up, and what they’re looking at, how long they’re staying, how many pages they’re visiting.

And of course - is the phone ringing? If it’s not, it’s time to look closely at where you’re losing your visitors.

Do you need more compelling copy on your website?

Be open to updating your first draft, or seeking expert feedback on the content. This is about how the visitor feels, not Google, so you want to make sure that your target audience can relate to what you've written.

Do your website visitors need a more compelling invitation to fill out a form and receive something useful in return?

What is the call-to-action that you've put on your website? Is there something that you can do to sweeten the deal?

The first step in a success story, though, is showing up at the top.

Once you’re there, and once you’ve got the traffic, you can adjust your website until the calls and leads and clients come a-calling.

Finally, once you’ve successfully created a niche website that ranks on Google, that’s bringing in your dream clients, you’ll be confident in repeating the process again and again - and each time faster and with less of a learning curve.

Ready to get started and need a nudge?
Free 10-minute  Brainstorm session about  Farm Area websites with Dara Sklar


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Written by UberDara

Dara has been helping agents market themselves and their listings online since 2005. Have a topic you'd like to know more about? Drop Dara a line.

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