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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

Introducing Ubertor's VP of Client Development: Ian Watt & Head of Marketing: Dara Sklar!

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 1, 2016 10:21:00 AM / by Leonica Lopez de Leon

Exciting things are happening at Ubertor that are bound to elevate the Ubertor experience as we know it.

Here at Ubertor, being that we are at the intersection of two rapidly changing industries; real estate & technology, perennial growth is something we consistently strive for.

To help us maximize our growth & reach our fullest potential to serve you, we've had the pleasure of adding two long time industry experts onto our team.

Please join us in welcoming to the Ubertor family, our new VP of Client Development, Ian Watt & new Head of Marketing, Dara Sklar!


Ian Watt is certainly no stranger to the Vancouver Real Estate scene.

Internationally renowned as a pioneer in real estate marketing & ranked amongst the top 1% of members in REBGV, Ian will be joining Ubertor as our new VP of Client Development.

Since attaining his real estate license in 2005, Ian has worked with clients across the board, all the while running his business entirely online. Initially distraught by the process & price it took to merely update his first custom website, Ian moved to Ubertor for a less cumbersome, more customizable experience.

Ian has been using our platform since with a multitude of websites under his belt, using the power of digital marketing & social media to his fullest advantage. When it comes to the agent's wants & needs, Ian is more than qualified to attest to the Realtor's state of mind.

With infectious energy & the drive to always push the envelope where others wouldn't think to, Ian's inclusion is sure to push Ubertor's products & services to a direction that will be highly in tune to the Realtor's sensibility.

We asked Ian what Ubertor clients should expect in the near future & here is what he had to say:

“Ubertor has led the industry for years. I'm here to shake things up. Make Ubertor the best in the industry. Make the designs sexier, offer more help to our clients, and help create an easier-to-use platform. Greater is Coming!”


Having been an Ubertor Approved Vendor for years as the founder & operator of Realty Support, we're absolutely ecstatic to have Dara Sklar officially inducted to the team as our Head of Marketing & Brand Awareness.

What initially started out for Dara as a curious childhood streak towards home interiors, snowballed into a passion for real estate representation & admin in the online environment.

With an eye for detail & a meticulous care for her passions, Dara has helped over 1500 agents find their digital footing with 99% of her support clients having their sites hosted on Ubertor.

"I encourage clients to work with the most versatile web platform, and Ubertor has been my top choice for over ten years.", says Dara. We also asked what her inclusion would have in store for Ubertor clients & she responded:

"I'm thrilled, tickled, excited, & pumped to be able to bring what I know & what I've done for all my clients to Ubertor themselves in my role as Marketing Officer. My plans for this role go beyond what you'd typically assign to ‘marketing’ because it's not about marketing Ubertor as much as using my knowledge to educate, and empower Realtors to market themselves online, better than ever.

Your typical agent has probably had one or two websites in their career - maybe one or two redesigns - and I'm here to ‘show and tell’ how much more is possible in a completely attainable way. Be on the lookout for mad value & information about real estate marketing coming from our blog & to your inbox (and a few other ways - stay tuned)!"

We're incredibly excited to be expanding our team to include such driven & dedicated individuals who understand the Real Estate Agent's core values like no other, & we hope you will be too!


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