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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

How to make a great impression and get the right leads, using the "For Sellers" Page. (Step 5d of 10 - How to create a Real Estate Neighbourhood Website)

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 14, 2016 11:52:00 AM / by UberDara


Hey there, good lookin. I can see you’re working on a website dedicated to a particular area, or a particular type of property.

Why am I wiggling my eyebrows at you? Because the hardest part of this process is choosing your niche, and if you’re already writing “For Sellers” page content, then you’ve paved the way for us already!

If you’re doing it “right,” then you can actually picture the person that you’re writing to. You’re visualizing the prospective client who’s considering selling their property.

And now, Google has handed them right to you. Your website came in at the top of their search and they’ve clicked through to the “For Sellers” page and… let’s woo them. It’s time to win them over.

Your “For Sellers” page should be like a great first date.

Rather than your typical generic content, you’re going to take the opportunity to remember the best service you ever provided, to the best client you ever worked for, and you’re going to tell this prospective seller all about it.

Use your “For Sellers” page to show the seller your best self, and include the long list of benefits this prospect will reap from your relationship. Demonstrate how you’ll market their home and let the seller know how much experience you have negotiating.

Don’t go too far without some good website copy writing style tips:

  • Be conversational and lean towards writing the way you would speak.

  • Read it out loud (to a friend, or pretend you’re reading it to a friend)! If it comes out awkwardly, adjust.

  • Your writing doesn’t have to be formal (or boring!) to be professional.

  • Don’t be afraid to be funny and show personality. It’s easier to dial back the energy than to try to spruce up something dull.

  • Now think about your listing presentation. What information do you offer (other than specific comparables and stats)? What questions do you answer? That’s what we’re going to spell out on the “For Sellers” page.

Download the four writing articles in one convenient PDF:

Free PDF Download: Realtor Website Content Writing Guide

Answer these questions to develop your For Sellers page layout:

  • Who are you speaking to?
    If you were starting your For Sellers page with a question, instead of “Thinking of selling?” it could be “Thinking of selling your [property type] in [area]”? Take this opportunity to let the seller know that you’re actually talking to them and not to just any homeowner out there!

  • What will you do for them?
    Before you even introduce yourself, tell them about all the things you’re going to do for them and their home to get them the most money in the shortest amount of time. Tell them about the buyers you have lined up because they contact you regularly through this niche website looking for [their property type].

  • Marketing plan. List out the marketing you do for the homes you sell - this is a great time for a bulleted list and some graphics to draw attention.
    ^^ Don't skip this! It's your best chance to show off and capture the attention of prospective clients. ^^

  • What’s involved in selling?
    What details would be helpful to any seller about the process of selling this type of home or in this area?

  • FAQs. What questions do you invariably get about this area or these properties? Don’t be afraid to spell this out. TIP: You could make this its own page, if you have enough content!

  • Sneak Peek. Tell them what to expect when they work with you on selling their home. What kind of service you provide [specifically to this niche]. What makes you stand out from other agents serving this area?

  • Their Turn. The purpose of your website is turning your website visitors into contacts into clients. So ask them to reach out to you, whether it’s a call, email, or to fill out a form - whatever next step you want them to take.

And if you’re still stuck, and you want to yell “I’m a Realtor, not a writer!” then by all means… outsource, hire, or buy your chattiest friend a bottle of wine to get her to put your words into writing.

Creating a “For Sellers” page on your website assures prospective clients that you’re not infatuated with your niche. You’re committed to their happiness.

The more specific you are in visualizing your client, the easier it will be to speak their language, preemptively answer their questions, and move your relationship forward.

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Download the four writing articles in one convenient PDF:

Free PDF Download: Realtor Website Content Writing Guide

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Written by UberDara

Dara has been helping agents market themselves and their listings online since 2005. Have a topic you'd like to know more about? Drop Dara a line.

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