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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

Solid Advice: Every Realtor Needs a Second Website

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 30, 2016 1:25:00 PM / by UberDara


Yet, we all know that to succeed in business, we should not try to be “everything to everybody”. Good advice that hasn’t stopped anyone yet. In fact, very few know how to avoid doing that with their online presence.

Step out of the box and into the living rooms of your clients.

What if you broke beyond your generic business card website? Moved beyond that “about me” text that only sheds a tiny bit of light on who you really are and who you are passionate about serving, or what kinds of properties you are passionate about selling?

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The world doesn’t need another website that talks only to “buyers” and “sellers” as if that’s just two types of people, when in fact they are way more than that...

Buyers could be buying condos, townhouses, houses, first homes, investment properties, recreational or vacation homes, divorcing, upsizing, downsizing…

Sellers could be relocating, cashing out, moving on “up”, empty-nesting, diversifying...

Now I’m not asking you to abandon your “business card” website. It serves as a place to “speak” to all the referrals, and the long-term clients who are at various stages of their real-estate-buying-and-selling cycles.

niche-1-quote.jpgLet a second website speak to the clients and properties you’re passionate about.

Let me give you an example: Jane Smith, a long-term Realtor, is well-known in her industry. She’s been helping clients buy and sell all kinds of properties, all over town, for over a dozen years. BUT she still closes about a dozen condo sales every year in one particular part of town. It’s all been word-of-mouth, and expensive postcards, and a little bit of door knocking, but it has definitely stayed steady.

Well, Jane doesn’t want to stop the rest of her business from running, but she DOES want a cost-effective way of speaking to the residents of the area. Letting them know that she’s an expert in their product. That they should send their friends to HER when they’re looking to buy. That no agent knows these buildings and this area better than she does.

Enter: a second website. A website targeted to all the condos in this neighbourhood. A website where Jane can speak extensively and specifically about what she loves about… just these buildings. Just this community and the amenities.

She would never have dedicated space to this kind of content on her regular website for fear of being pigeonholed as someone who did deals exclusively in this area. But this “niche” website allows her the liberty to tout her experience without worrying about that.

A second website can help position you as an expert in your field.

Here’s a this list of reasons that every agent should have at least one “niche” or “neighborhood” or “farm area” website.

  • You get to spell out who you serve very clearly, and attract those people to you.

  • If you build the website properly, you can easily show up on Google for searches related to your chosen “niche”.

  • You’ll bring in website visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.

  • You’ll actually more easily convert those website visitors to contacts / prospects / clients because you are specifically offering what they’re specifically looking for.

  • Your return on marketing dollar will be higher than any other method. (A “niche” website can cost less than $250/year!)

  • Believe it or not, you can create your own niche website, and still have it show up at the top of Google.

Your current marketing efforts may not be enough.

How much does it cost each month or year to advertise on the back of a bus, or on a bus shelter or bus bench? And how much business comes in from that? Is there any way to measure? Is there a notable return on those advertising dollars? Are your prospective clients standing at the bus stop, or driving behind those buses?

How much does it cost to send postcards to your farm area? And do those postcards get the phone to ring? Do you cringe at the bill from your designer, and printer, each month, wondering if it’s worth continuing? Very few agents find this type of marketing effective, and most homeowners line their recycle bins with these cards.

You can have your own slice of the internet speaking directly to your target market for less than $250 per year. Yes, that’s it! A little elbow grease, and a few dollars invested, and you’ve got it.

Like the idea of a farm-area-website, but not sure where to start?

We’ve got a detailed, step by step process you can use to follow. Start by reading “10 Steps to Leap to the Top of Google’s Search Results. Within a month.”

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Written by UberDara

Dara has been helping agents market themselves and their listings online since 2005. Have a topic you'd like to know more about? Drop Dara a line.

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