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The Best Guide to Real Estate Marketing for Realtors

How to Easily Customize a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Business Page (For Free) + video demo

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 16, 2017 11:18:58 AM / by UberDara posted in Facebook, Canva, Graphic Design

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Your Facebook business page is a fun way to tell potential leads about your real estate business and a requirement to draw in fans and engagement.

The most prominent piece of your Facebook page is the cover photo. This is the large photo that appears at the top of your page and it makes the first impression on visitors who view your Facebook page. For that reason, you should customize this area, and give the graphic more time and attention than just uploading a scenic stock photo of your city, or the exterior of a home you recently sold.

The good news is that you don't need a graphic designer to create the imagery that will go at the top of your Facebook business page.

You don't need Photoshop or other expensive, complicated software.

So how do I make a great Facebook cover photo for free?

We love using a free graphic design tool, called Canva, for all kinds of designs - [real estate feature sheets], social media post graphics, and especially for creating Facebook cover photos!

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Optimized Realtor Facebook Business Page

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 15, 2017 3:08:00 PM / by UberDara posted in Facebook

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Digitally advertising on Facebook requires a Facebook business page.

If you don't already have a Facebook business page set up, the idea of building one may seem intimidating. It’s actually pretty easy! I’ll show you how to set one up in the listed below.

If you have already set up your Facebook business page, this is a great opportunity to do a quick review of the page's settings and make sure it’s optimized to be found by your target market.

What do I Need to Set-up my Facebook Business Page?

The step-by-step process is below, but let's start with what information to have on hand to make the process of setting up your Facebook business page go smoothly.

1. A name for your page. The name you choose could be your business name, or any name or keywords that people would use to search for your real estate business. If you just use your first name and last name, consider including the words Realtor or Real Estate Agent, and the city or area you serve.

2. A blurb about your business (meaning: you). This will appear on the “About” tab of your Page. Keep this description to two or three very brief paragraphs is best.
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Boost Your Real Estate Listings on Facebook & Attract More Qualified Buyers and Sellers

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 14, 2017 6:44:00 AM / by UberDara posted in Facebook

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Would you spend $5 to get 500 pairs of eyes on your new listing in the next 24 hours?

Facebook makes it easy and inexpensive to get fresh views of your listing.

There are levels of complexity and expense involved with advertising on Facebook. We’re going to talk about a simple marketing solution that takes 5-10 minutes to design, and $5 dollars of your budget.

You don’t want to spend a lot of marketing dollars on Facebook ads until you’ve learned about the basic boosting technique I’m going to teach you in this article, and applied it to your current listings.

Once you see results from a boosting campaign, you may want to more heavily incorporate Facebook advertising into your marketing plan. At that point, you may want to consult with an Facebook Ads expert.

You probably have 5 to 20 dollars you can spare from your marketing budget to spend on your listing, right? Especially if that would mean having more visitors at your open houses, more clicks to your website, and possibly a sale or a new client in the works!

I compare Facebook boosting to buying a 5 dollar lottery ticket, but with better odds than winning the lottery!

It's a small enough risk that it's worth the possible reward, and it's a great introduction to before embarking on more extensive paid online advertising. A Facebook boost allows you to see what impact online advertising might have on your business.

Want to throw your hat in the ring, so to speak?

Just follow my easy boosting instructions below!

How to Boost a Facebook Post

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Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Facebook Edition

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 26, 2014 4:22:37 PM / by Danica Lopez De Leon posted in Education, Facebook

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When you think of social media, what comes to your mind? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or maybe Linkedin? Many of these social media websites probably sound familiar to you. But here is the real question:

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Post Your Listings To Facebook Using Ubertor

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2012 12:31:50 PM / by Bryan Garcia posted in Facebook

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Ubertor has come up with an easy way to post your listings on your Properties page to your Facebook Page for all users on the $37.00, $57.00, $107.00 (Concierge), and $129.99 (Extreme Design) plans. The tool is simple and easy to use, and allows you to show all your properties on your Facebook Page.

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Connect With Ubertor On Facebook

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 15, 2011 8:55:54 AM / by Stephen Jagger posted in Facebook

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Are you on Facebook? I would assume, that by not, almost all of you are on Facebook. If so, click on the "Like" button below to join the Ubertor Facebook page.

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LEARN about Social Media, SEO, Google Adwords and Blogging

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 25, 2011 2:31:23 PM / by Stephen Jagger posted in Blogs, Blogging, Bloggers, Education, Facebook, Google Adwords, Reachd.com, Real Estate Business, Twitter

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Trying to catch up with what is happening on the Internet? Is the Canada Post mail strike leaving you wondering how you are going to market your real estate business? Well look no further than Reachd.com.

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Ubertor On Facebook

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 30, 2011 11:38:34 PM / by Stephen Jagger posted in Facebook

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Are you on Facebook? Want to keep up with all things Ubertor via Facebook?
Click on the "like" button below to join our Facebook group.

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New Feature: Social Sharing Features Added To Ubertor

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 11, 2010 10:41:02 AM / by Stephen Jagger posted in Facebook, New Ubertor Features, Social Media, Twitter

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Now, upon request from our live chat team, you can have Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons added to every listing and blog post within your Ubertor website. This makes it easier for your website readers to share the content on your website that they enjoy. Here is what this feature looks like on Joey Marshall's website;

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I'm Speaking @ The Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Big Event 3

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 13, 2009 8:18:22 PM / by Stephen Jagger posted in Facebook, Real Estate Business, Twitter

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I happy to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Big Event 3 that is being held at the River Rock Casino in Richmond BC. The topic they have asked me to talk about is Twitter, Facebook and Your Website. Are you coming?

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